Bowling team falls to E-Town

As the bowling team sought to physically and mentally prepare for its match against Elizabethtown, it realized it was facing a team who had not lost all season, which could have easily been intimidating. Seeking to overcome the nerves, the match began.
Eric Gross is a leader of the bowling team
Photo by Caleb Gawne, Sports Reporter

After a strong practice session, Brittany Hatfield began the game with a strong strike, followed by Eric Gross, who notched a strike as well. Up next was Brittany’s sister, Cassie, who knocked down nine pins, and then finished a spare. 

“Brittany is bowling really well today!” says Gross.  

Ethan Byers notched a strike, and Adam Lee scored nine points; L-S ended the first frame in the lead. In the second frame, many of the players continued with their strikes, but Adam Lee threw a gutter ball. By the end of the fourth frame, L-S had accumulated 338 points, but Elizabethtown was quickly catching up, and by the fifth frame, led 507-410. 

The seventh frame was ended with Elizabethtown still in the lead with 671 points, compared to L-S’s 617 points. By the end of the first game, Brittany Hatfield had a score of 199, Gross had 218, Cassie Hatfield with 148, and Byers had 233 points. Lee’s score was not as ideal, so the coach switched him out for Andrew O’Connor. The first game score was 1009 to 972, L-S losing by 37 points. In the second game, Elizabethtown was continuing their winning streak, and in their fifth frame, all of their bowlers scored strikes.

Throughout the game, a sizable crowd began to gather around the lanes to intently watch and cheer on each team. Eric Gross ended the second game with a combined score of 407, the highest score thus far on the team. The final combination of scores for L-S was 1758, and Elizabethtown with 2063. Ethan Byers was then switched out for Greg Mowrer in the third game. Brittany Hatfield ended with 506, Gross with 603, Cassie Hatfield with 509, Mowrer with 498, and O'Connor with 448 points. 

Overall, the lengthy bowling battle against top team Elizabethtown ended in defeat as the final score was 3115 to 2562, equaling seven wins for Elizabethtown, and zero for Lampeter Strasburg.

“It was kind of disappointing and we started out strong then we fell off the cliff," says Eric Gross after the match. "E-Town is a really good team, they bowl really strong.” 

Hopefully, his disappointment with the team’s defeat will impact the team’s practicing in the future, to better their future scores.

--Maggie Johnson, Assistant Sports Editor

Edited: BP

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