October School Board Report

Lampeter-Strasburg School Board
The Lampeter-Strasburg School Board held its monthly meeting on Monday, October 5.

Highlights include recognizing the October Students of the Month and Superlatives.
  • Students of the Month: Amber Kemper (12) and Andrew Cox (10).
  • Pioneer Superlatives: Autumn Peters (11) and Benjamin Pontz (12).

Next came the different committee's reports. The student representative reports were then given. At Lampeter Elementary the students are looking forward to parent visitation. The first graders are excited for the upcoming "Let's Talk Teeth" dental program as well. Hans Herr is excited about beginning their Bucket Filling program to promote good deeds and positive behavior. 

Over at Martin Meylin, the annual magazine sale has begun and the students are very excited about this. Also, the annual seven and eighth grade block party was scheduled for this past Friday but was canceled due to rain. 

At the high school, the clubs are all doing a great job and are busy organizing events. The High School students are busy preparing for and are excited for the Homecoming Week events. 

The School Board then concluded the meeting with a short discussion of old and new business. All of the schools are off to a great start this year and the School Board meeting went well.

--McKenna Kimmel, Junior School Board Representative

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