Nil-Nil: Boys' soccer ties E-Town 0-0

On October 14, L-S traveled to Elizabethtown to face their soccer team in a game that went into double overtime before ending in a tie with no score. As the teams faced off, no spectator could guess the outcome. The teams evenly matched, the game began.

E-town opened with a strong presence in our defensive third, getting off a shot in the first 3 minutes. Jake Klecko made the save, and punted the ball back out onto the field. E-town made 2 more shots on our goal, both saved by Klecko, before L-S got a shot off.

In the 27th minute of the first half, Matt O’Neil crossed the ball into E-town’s goalie box to Derek Eckman, but the ball was intercepted by the E-town goalie. E-town shot again at the 29 minute mark, and Klecko made another save. Matt O’Neil took a shot on goal with 8 minutes left in the half. Shortly after, E-Town collected the ball after an L-S attempt on their goal and ran the ball down into our defensive third, closing on our goal. Luckily, the L-S defense hustled back, and Klecko made the save.
Jake Klecko secures the save for the Pioneers

Klecko made 2 more saves before the half ended, and Alex Knarr made the last L-S shot for the first half in the last minute. Klecko began the second half with a save in the first 6 minutes. After a foul in E-town’s half of the field, O’Neil took a direct kick and shot at the goal. The keeper caught the ball in the air and put it back into play.

E-town continued to provide a strong presence on the field, making multiple shots in the second half, but was no match for Klecko, who stopped every shot. O’Neil made another shot on goal 28 minutes in, and was the final shot for the L-S team in the second half. With a score of 0-0, the game moved into two 10-minute periods of overtime, with a sudden death. If one team scored in either of the 10 minute periods, the game would be over.

Both teams picked up the pace with a new urgency in their steps. In the first overtime period, Alex Knarr took a shot on goal 2 minutes in, and a second shot 7 minutes in. L-S really stepped up their game, making attempts on goal off of every corner kick they took, in addition to shots taken outside the goalie’s box. Adam Lichty took his shot outside the box in the second overtime period. Klecko had 3 saves during overtime. The game came to an end with a final score of 0-0.

Editor's Note: Additional photos taken by Lauren Mast are available in Google Photos.

--Lauren Mast, Soccer Reporter

Edited: BP

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