L-S smokes Cocalico in 6-0 shutout

On a brisk Thursday evening, L-S took the field at Cocalico High School. L-S took the field with a strong determination continued from Tuesday night’s game. 

Alex Knarr had an early shot 13 minutes into the game. The first L-S goal was scored by Jordan Bishop with a beautiful shot five minutes after Knarr’s attempt on goal. The half continued with a steady push towards Cocalico’s goal, with L-S dominating possession of the ball. 

Derek Eckman made a shot 25 minutes in, taking another shot a minute after and scoring. Nate Patterson followed Eckman’s goal with another quick shot in an attempt to bring the score to 3-0 L-S before the half ended. The first half was mostly clean, with the exception of one yellow card given to a Cocalico player. The Cocalico spectators were not happy with the referee, however, as the game progressed into the second half. 
Jake Klecko notched a shutout in the rain for the Pioneers

As the second half began, it was clear that Cocalico had not given up. Nevertheless, L-S rose to the challenge. Alex Knarr scored the third L-S goal in the first two minutes of the second half, followed quickly by Peyton Denlinger with the fourth goal for L-S three minutes after, with a beautiful assist by Matt O’Neil.  

Working solidly as a team, L-S moved the ball consistently towards Cocalico’s net. Denlinger made two more shots 14 minutes into the second half. Dominating the field, L-S got off 2 more shots, one by Derek Eckman and one by Jordan Sweigart, before scoring again. 

Matt O’Neil made a beautiful shot into the back of the net after a cross from Steven Hollern at the 30 minute mark. Although L-S already had a solid lead, they continued to play hard. Ethan Bare took a shot on goal with 5 minutes left in the half. 

Soon after, Logan Heister scored the final goal for L-S. L-S takes home the victory with a shutout. L-S: 6. Cocalico: 0.

--Lauren Mast, LSNews.org Soccer Reporter

Edited: BP

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