Football team dominates in the trenches to win Lampeter Bowl

Bear Shank threw for five touchdowns
Photo displayed with permission of Mark
Thiboldeaux (

Often when there is a blowout the focus is placed on the winning team's skill players. While the skill players did play well in tonight's game, it would not have been possible without stout offensive and defensive lines, something the Pioneers used to carry them to another win.

The  Pioneer offensive line easily pushed around a noticeably smaller Buckskin defensive line. Phenomenal blocking allowed QB Bear Shank to throw five touchdown passes, fending off rushers and allowing Shank to scan the field and make spectacular reads followed by accurate completions. The offensive line also stayed stout in the run game, helping backs Chad Gaudino, Shane Lawler and Garrett Groshong get to the second level, and even take runs for three of the Pioneers' touchdowns. 

The offensive line played well, but the defensive line defined the game. LS totaled 6 sacks, 3 from Isaiah Carr, one from each of the Metz twins, and another from Pete Tollinger. The defensive line also allowed very few rushing yards, and with so many sacks inhibited the pass game of the Buckskins from being able to bring the game within reach. Such a dominant performance is certainly a good omen for future games, and an obvious improvement from this group was evident.

Eventually, the game got so far out of reach that Coach Manion threw his second stringers in. QB Justin Edwards showed promise throwing a long TD, but unfortunately it was called back after a personal foul on LS. Runningback Dan Reidenbaugh had the last touchdown of the game on a smash mouth run, and on defense Damien Rosa showed promise with a strong tackle for a loss. These players certainly proved that they could step up if an unfortunate injury were to occur. 

All in all, this was a very good performance for the Pioneers, but they should not let it get to their heads. CV has historically been a weak team and most people could have predicted an unbalanced game tipping largely towards LS. If they do not realize this they could show up next week against Solanco and be blown out themselves. It was a good win for the Pioneers, but one that should be taken with a grain of salt. Hopefully the players can stay humble and show up even better next week at Solanco.

--Kevin Reed, Football Reporter

Editor's Note: Thanks to Mark Thiboldeaux for his permission to display that photo of Bear Shank. He retains all rights to the photo, and permitted us to utilize for display purposes. -- BP

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