Emelia Heiss says it's "heiss" in Germany too

What’s the weather like in Southern Germany? According to Emelia Heiss, a foreign exchange student at Lampeter-Strasburg High School, it isn’t exceedingly different from the warm, sunny skies here in Lancaster County.
Emelia Heiss joins the L-S community this year
as a foreign exchange student from Germany

Heiss's transatlantic travels prompted an anticipation to limitless discoveries in a new, unfamiliar locale. Inspired by one of her two older sisters, who also studied abroad in the United States, Heiss decided she too sought a firsthand experience in American culture.

“I’ve heard a lot about the U.S. where I’m from,” Heiss expresses, “and I wanted to see what it’s really like for myself.”

Within her first week of school at L-S, Heiss has observed a number of variances from her normal customs. 

“Classes are the same, but we don’t eat lunch at school in Germany,” she says, adding, “The rules are much stricter, but the people are more open and very kind.”

Heiss notes that in Germany, academics and extracurricular activities are rarely combined. However, she has found that Lampeter-Strasburg provides a wide range of opportunities for students to get involved in clubs, sports, and other interest groups. Though her favorite game to play at home is handball, Heiss recently joined the varsity field hockey team, whose first game of the season will take place this Friday, September 4 at Conestoga Valley High School. Aside from athletics, she enjoys playing the piano in her spare time.

Enrolled in courses such as Accelerated English and Communications and Local History, Heiss stands ready to hit the books and learn directly about the lifestyle of a Pioneer—all the while making new friends and unforgettable memories. Adventure awaits.

--By Jacky Kirchner, LSNews.org Features Editor

Edited: BP

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