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Mr. Pioneer preview: George Grau gets his turn to represent Ski and Snowboard Club

We all know that Chelsea Hancock brought home the Fair Queen crown for the Ski and Snowboard Club. But little did we know that Chelsea only signed up thanks to a nomination by none other than George Grau, the Mr. Pioneer representative for the Outdoor Club, partner club to Ski and Snowboard. Chelsea was hesitant, but thanks to Grau, she joined and then won. But of course, once Mr. Pioneer rolled around, it was payback time. “She texted me and she texted Jeff [Landis], and she said, ‘You’re doing Mr. Pioneer because I did the Fair Queen competition.’” Chelsea pushed him, telling him that all of his friends would be joining as well, and eventually, Grau agreed. “I said, ‘Alright, yeah, it should be fun.’”
Grau believes in the importance of going outside regularly and staying active. He wanted to support Outdoor Club in any way that he could, so he figured that Mr. Pioneer would be a great way to get the word out and garner interest in the club. The Outdoor Club meets to go white water r…

Jordan Weaver throws a no-hitter as Pioneers defeat Comets 3-0

Coming into Wednesday’s game, the Lady Pioneers' softball team knew Penn Manor’s Brittany Hook would challenge their offense. A battle between two of the best pitchers in the entire Lancaster-Lebanon League, Jordan Weaver and Hook led their teams with two phenomenal outings.

In Weaver’s best performance of the young season, she threw a no hitter and struck out 19 on the day allowing only two balls be hit into play off of the Comets' sticks.

Bri Garber began the offensive push in the bottom of the first by beating the throw to first on a slap to the shortstop. The team was able to place enough runners to load the bases, but failed to capitalize on the inning.

With the score still tied Weaver led off the fourth inning when she was hit by an inside pitch. Advancing to second on a sacrifice bunt, Weaver then scored on Caroline Braungard’s single to center. The Pioneers carried a 1-0 lead into the bottom of the fifth when Kate Rohrer’s triple down the right field line and Hanna Gar…

Mauling McDevitt: L-S boys lacrosse notches a big victory

March 30 marked another win for the L-S boys lacrosse team; the Pioneers beat Bishop McDevitt 12-8. The Pioneers opened the game with a two point lead within two minutes. Alex Knarr tied down the first goal with an assist from Teddy Mazaheri. Mazaheri scored immediately thereafter.

McDevitt did not take long to respond, though, and claimed the ball to score two for themselves tying the game 2-2. Knarr whipped the ball into the upper right corner to secure the lead by one. Meanwhile, goalie Marco Pettica redeemed himself with a strong save and clear only to be backed up with an interception from defender Chase Pirozzi. The Patterson brothers -- Nate and Noah -- then tied down a fourth goal for L-S.

Pettica continued a strong game even as Trevor King was sent out and the Pioneers played a man down … no problem, apparently: L-S retaliates and scores two more goals with Patrick McClain and Tyler Zameroski each scoring and assisting each other. Bishop McDevitt snuck the ball into the Pionee…

Baseball team rides strong start from Groshong, downs Pequea Valley 10-2

Another game is in the books for the L-S baseball team, and as it has been all week, it was a sunny day with a slight wind. The Pioneers took on the Pequea Valley Braves. Garrett Groshong was a commanding presence on the mound for the Pioneers and pitched to contact while pounding the strike zone with great control for six innings. In the first, he retired the Braves three up, three down.

Neither team had notched a score until Andrew Hay stepped into the batter’s box in the second inning. When the pitch came, he nailed a line drive to right field that kept blowing and blowing until it flew out of the park. Hay did not even know what happened; he looked quite surprised -- just like everyone else -- as he rounded the bases. This was just the beginning for the Pioneers.

L-S continued to play hard in the field and did not allow any runs from Pequea Valley for five innings, but continued to pad their lead at the plate. In the third inning, Dan Eshleman and Devon Weiant were both able to ge…

Girls Lacrosse defeats Wyomissing continuing winning streak

Despite the brisk wind blowing around the fields, the Lampeter-Strasburg girls’ lacrosse team defeated Wyomissing. The girls’ took the victory with a score of 14 to 9.
The main scorers, crucial to to team’s success, were Kelsey Kimmel, Hannah Keller, and Madi Lawhead.

Coach Maria Alexandrowicz, commenting on the team’s success, “Ladies, we just won our home opener. We just set the tone for the 2016 L-S lacrosse program.”

With this standard of winning the future games and giving 100 percent at every practice, the team has a lot of pressure riding on them to continue their winning streak. Top scorer, Joanna King commented, “In my four years of playing, I have never been more excited for a lacrosse season!” For many seniors, it is thrilling to be the players most looked up to.

For seniors their final season of lacrosse is bittersweet. While many of the seniors are continuing their lacrosse playing throughout college, many are not, thus making it a memorable season for all of them. The La…

Mr. Pioneer preview: Chaz Wolf the dog-pleasing engineer

During recent hallway travails, students may have noticed a sprinkling of inspirational quotes decorating the high school hallways. Although the natural assumption might be that these little sayings have been posted by the Aevidum club members, actually, every member of National Honor Society chipped in to produce thirty quotes … each. Interestingly enough, NHS is not just about succeeding academically. It is about maintaining a healthy mindset and supporting the community in any way possible, including the construction of these morale-boosting notes.

For Chaz Wolf, representing National Honor Society means “that I have to maintain a positive image at all times and always have to be improving myself.” Acting as treasurer for the club, he manages all monetary actions, “including a variety of responsibilities, from balancing the books to signing off on checks for purchases the club makes.” Chaz Wolf has been a member of NHS for both his junior and senior year. Chaz never worries about m…

Blustery track meet ends with win for Barons, but bright spots for L-S

Yesterday saw the start of the L-S track season at home against Manheim Central, in classic track weather: cold and blustery, but without a cloud in the sky and a favorable wind coming down the last 100 meters.
Before the meet, Luke Raum, a senior distance runner and captain, predicted “it’s gonna be a close one. It came down to one step last year,” recalling a close contest last year.
Sadly, it wasn’t nearly so close this time around.
The day started mixed: the boys lost in the four by eight hundred relay but the girls' team of Hailey Welchans, Abby Gordley, Julia Pritchard, and Jasmine McClintock won. Then both guys and girls settled into a long meet, with a consistent but unsatisfying pattern: thirds and seconds.
In the sprinting events, Brady Stoner led with a first place in the three hundred meter hurdles and second in the one hundred ten hurdles, with teammates Ezra Mellinger, Mitchell Kuhns, and Ryan Fahnestock placing third in the one hundred, four hundred, and two hundred, r…

Mr. Pioneer preview: Teddy Mazaheri, the altruistic comedian

Here at L-S, there are a plethora of clubs and activities available. Teddy Mazaheri has pretty much participated in every club the school offers, including Interact, Chess Club, and the spring musical, but he has dedicated the most time and effort to the Model United Nations. Now acting as vice president, he supports this club by debating as part of the General Assembly and helping to plan the club's upcoming Talent Wars. He believes that the skills learned in Model UN “would definitely help [later in life], like asserting yourself and getting involved… you get to expand  your knowledge of world subjects… It makes you realize how much you have to cooperate with others, and it ends your ethnocentricity.” Mr. Titter knew that Mazaheri would make a good representative for the club, so he asked him to enter the contest. Mazaheri “figured it would be fun,” so he decided to go for it.  

In addition to being involved with Model UN, Mazaheri has been involved with Philosophy Club and the P…

FFA banquet honors degree recipients

On Thursday, March 17, the Garden Spot chapter of the FFA held its annual banquet in the Martin Meylin Cafeteria to honor L-S student achievements over the past year.
A tradition of the FFA is to award degrees to its members for participation and accomplishments during the school year, and this year, 17 different students earned degrees:

Discovery Degree: Jarod Risser, Gwenn Spotts
Greenhand Degree: Leah Welk, Jordan Martin, Becca Herr, Jared Fenstermacher, Bryce Good, Luke Stauffer
Chapter Degree: Kyle Spotts, Erin Harnish, Megan Mellinger
Red Rose Degree: Sarah Hess, Connor Ranck
Keystone Degree: Jesse Diller, Mark Mellinger, Matt Harnish, Sarah Hess, Donovan Weaver

(For more information on degrees, please see page 28 of the FFA manual.)

Members gave speeches on events that had occurred throughout the year including the fruit sale, West Lampeter Fair, and the national convention. Two special guests were in attendance, Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding and State Chapla…

Mr. Pioneer preview: Chase Pirozzi is just like "any other guy" except for when he's not

Throughout the year, the high school hosts many events held to entertain students such as Clash of the Classes and the pep rally. Without the student council’s  efforts to organize these functions, our school would never get a chance to unwind. Chase Pirozzi is one of the determined volunteers working with the Student Council to keep plans running smoothly. Mrs. St. John had approached Chase and thought that he would represent the council well in the Mr. Pioneer contest, so he gladly accepted her request.

“I try to come up with ideas for everybody,” says Pirozzi in regard to his role in student council. “I want to plan and make sure that everyone has a great time.”

In addition to being involved with Student Council, Pirozzi volunteers with Interact, works with the Heroes program, and is a member of the National Honors Society, all while exercising his talent for football and, mainly, lacrosse. He plans to pursue his lacrosse career later on during his attendance at Mount St. Mary’s Col…

Holy Week: What's all the fuss?

For many, this week's significance rests in the fact that it is Spring Break. Most know that it always falls over Easter -- a last vestige of religion in the school system -- and that on Easter, Jesus Christ rose from the dead. So what? In lieu of an official editorial this week, I am here to tell you that the answer to "so what" is a profound, fundamental statement on the meaning of life that is quite literally earth shattering.
Two thousand years ago in a town called Bethlehem, Jesus was born to an earthly mother and father, which fulfilled a prophecy from several hundred years before that a virgin would give birth to a child as a sign from God and that his name would be Immanuel, meaning "God with us".
After his birth, Christ lived a life free from sin wherein he overcame temptation from Satan, healed the sick, proclaimed a message of love, and riled many of the institutions of his time. He foretold of his impending betrayal and crucifixion to his disciples, m…