Mr. Pioneer preview: Chase Pirozzi is just like "any other guy" except for when he's not

Throughout the year, the high school hosts many events held to entertain students such as Clash of the Classes and the pep rally. Without the student council’s  efforts to organize these functions, our school would never get a chance to unwind. Chase Pirozzi is one of the determined volunteers working with the Student Council to keep plans running smoothly. Mrs. St. John had approached Chase and thought that he would represent the council well in the Mr. Pioneer contest, so he gladly accepted her request.
Chase Pirozzi will represent student council in
the Mr. Pioneer contest

“I try to come up with ideas for everybody,” says Pirozzi in regard to his role in student council. “I want to plan and make sure that everyone has a great time.”

In addition to being involved with Student Council, Pirozzi volunteers with Interact, works with the Heroes program, and is a member of the National Honors Society, all while exercising his talent for football and, mainly, lacrosse. He plans to pursue his lacrosse career later on during his attendance at Mount St. Mary’s College. He loves how lacrosse is “really team-oriented… For lacrosse, you’re just kind of relying on the guy next to you, and you put so much trust in your teammates. It creates a bond.”

Even with his busy athletic life, Pirozzi still manages to maintain his spot in NHS, a credit to his ability to balance academics and athletics. He “makes sure [he] has time for everything. Managing time when [I] come home from a sport and being aware of when [my] next meeting is, what [I] sign up to bring in or organize, keeping on top of [my] homework, trying to get as much done at school as possible, it really balances out. It’s not too much to handle.” He also takes time to act like “any other guy,” buying clothes and shoes, staying healthy and exercising, and relaxing with friends. “I don’t really like being by myself.”

Pirozzi claims to be “more of a laidback person with many creative ideas,” so he of course would like to bring a few surprises to the stage. “I just hope that [the audience] votes for whoever they thought took the time and effort to put their performance together… who is more on the creative side and whoever puts themselves out there the most. That person is the one that they should vote for.”

Based on his strong work ethic and motivation, Pirozzi is sure to push himself to do his best on Saturday night.

--Lillian Murr, School News Editor

Edited: BP

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