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Enigma Weekend Edition: Drawing by Izzy Mazaheri


Enigma Weekend Edition: Poem by Maximo Franco

'Human Maze'
By Maximo Franco

Clouds darken the ground.
Blocking out the sun.
All thoughts disappear.
Make others despair.
This is the human mind.
Complexity and divine.
Its greatness shines,
Yet darkens though.
For greater goods,
and greater fears.
If though shall fall,
thy shall rise,
for differences fly,
and sadness dies.
It will return corrupt,
but still be weak.
For if your heart is pure,
It will be stronger than the mind.
Try to stay on a path,
use the light to shine its last.
For once the light's gone,
lost in the mind you will fall.
Never see the sun again.
Never see your love again.
Always stay purer than your mind.
So nothing you love will die.

Guitar class treats students to holiday favorites concert

Today, Mr. Erik Welchan's first period guitar class treated students to some "holiday favorites."  The guitar class is designed as a beginner course. Most students had never played a guitar before. Studdents in the class include: Dominic Axe-Cross, Eryn Donnelly, Erin Kuntz, Lucas Mosny, Matthew O'Neil, Nickolas Salgado, Reid Seiders, Emily Sidelinger, Madison Swope, and Samantha Tropp.

The 30 minute concert was attended by several homeroom classes. 

Santa Claus and Buddy the Elf visiting LSHS to minimize prom ticket prices

On Wednesday, Santa Claus and Buddy the Elf will be visiting Lampeter-Strasburg High School during lunches and RTII. However, they won't be bringing presents. Instead they will be helping to offset prom ticket prices by posing for photos with students. As venue and food costs continue to rise, Prom advisers Mrs. Lindsay Shehan and Mr. Adam Zurn wanted a way to make prom affordable for more students. The idea of having a fundraiser where 100 percent of the proceeds went to minimize the cost was born.

Always willing to help, Mr. Jeff Houck and Mr. Matthew Shockey agreed to help by dressing up as Santa and Buddy the Elf respectively.

Santa and Buddy the Elf will be in the high school cafeteria during lunches (10:24 am-12:24 pm) and RTII (1:54-2:45 pm) on Wednesday, December 21. Printed photos are $2 and selfies using your own camera are only $1.

Enigma Weekend Edition: Bracelet by Emily Frey


High school faculty competes for title of ugliest sweater

Lampeter-Strasburg High School faculty won't be winning any beauty prizes today as staff members competed for the honor of ugliest sweater.
The third Friday of December is National Ugly Sweater Day. The event has grown so popular it is now observed internationally. The celebration gives holiday lovers a chance to show their spirit in a slightly twisted manner by wearing their ugliest sweater.
The high school administration team awarded prizes to the staff member with the ugliest sweaters.
Male Winner - Mr. Alex BreitkreutzFemale Winner - Mrs. Julie ThiboldeauxMost Original Winner - Mr. Scott Cantrell
--Photo by Mrs. Anne Harnish

Enigma Weekend Edition: Dueling Doodles by Maddie Stabinger and Jazmin Grove


Interact delivers gifts to Susquehanna Nursing Home residents

On Wednesday, almost 90 members of the Lampeter-Strasburg Interact Club delivered gifts to every Susquehanna Nursing Home resident. In addition to bearing gifts, Interact members sang Christmas carols for the senior citizens.
Some residents were lucky enough to meet Susquehanna Service Dog, Maya, who also attended to help spread some holiday cheer.
Interact is advised by Mrs. Cathy Lynch. 
--Photos by Mrs. Karrent Kurtz

L-S swim teams participate in L-L League history making first ever tri-meet

Last night marked the start of the Lancaster-Lebanon League swimming season where the Lampeter-Strasburg Pioneers girls swim team proved victorious defeating Manheim Central, 72-22. Unfortunately, the team fell to Warwick 64-30.

The girls took first and third in the 200 freestyle relay, besting Warwick by nearly two seconds for first place. Hailey Welchans posted top times for the Pioneers in the 50 (27.14) and 100 (1:00.66) freestyles and Catherine Horner led in the 200 (2:10.26) and 500 (5:57.27) freestyles. The boys swim team has similar results as the girls falling to Warwick,72-21, but beating Central, 65-28.
Colin Anderson led the boys with a pair of overall wins, touching first in the 100 butterfly (52.83) —an event he won at last year's District Three Class 2A championships — and the 50 freestyle (22.18). The senior also teamed with Dylan Grau, Steven Hollern and Nathan Tobler to win the 200 medley relay.
The met made L-L League history being the first ever tri-meet. 

Interact helps elementary shoppers at Five Below

Young children want to buy gifts for the holidays, but they don’t want their parents to see what they acquire, right? Well the Interact Club is here to help!  Yesterday, members of the Lampeter-Strasburg Interact club, also referred to as “Santa’s Helpers,” headed to Five Below to assist Hans Herr and Lampeter Elementary school students with their holiday shopping. 
Parents and guardians dropped the children off at the store, then Santa’s Helpers lead them around the store, helping them obtain gifts for family and friends. After the gifts were purchased, Santa’s Helpers wrapped the presents for the kids so they were ready to give away. 
This is a delightful event for the elementary students because it allows them to shop safely without their parents, so they can keep their special gifts a secret.
If you think your child missed out on the fun, don’t fret. There is one more opportunity for your child to participate in this fabulous holiday experience. The interact club will also be at Fi…

Enigma Weekend Edition: Picture Frame by Morgan Groff


Enigma Weekend Edition: 'Oreo' by Savannah Schickel

"Oreo" By Savannah Schickel
I miss the days when junk food could pass Through my stomach like a train without brakes When I was a kid I gobbled enough gobstoppers To finance my dentist’s Mercedes And chewed enough chocolate ‘till my face exploded In a collage of pimples Like pepperoni pizza. Because who needs middle school crushes when you’ve got Hershey kisses?  The art of snacking was always carefree Until I had my first Oreo. There I was swallowing them whole While the other kids would twist them apart Licking off the brown shell like used Kleenexes. Stacie said, “The white part just tasted better.” The irony of all this is that my mother used to say “You are what you eat,” But the first time someone called me an Oreo Made nothing about my skin feel sweet. When somebody tells you That you aren’t really black They’ll smile a shade of importance And expect you to wear their words like a medal. They expect you to cling to these words As if their bigature is the closest your…

Tech Ed department hosts third graders for 21st annual Holiday Workshop

The holidays bring with them a desire to spend time with loved ones, act a little nicer, and break the Thanksgiving record for eating the most artery-clogging food. But what do third graders at Hans Herr Elementary look forward to during this special time of the year? According to their teachers, it is the high school’s Holiday Workshop.
Lampeter-Strasburg has conducted this special event for 21 years, preparing child-friendly activities that involve every student and give them a sense of holiday spirit. The students wait eagerly for the high school visit. They love visiting with the "big kids".

High school volunteers interact with the elementary children, teaching them skills that they garnered while taking classes here. The high schoolers use small talk to get to know their young wards while still keeping them entertained with their station work.
Each station is held in a specialty classroom, including Mr. Todd Garber’s CADD lab, Mr. Adrian Baker’s Wood Tech workshop, Mr…

Interact spreads Christmas Cheer at Willow Valley

With Christmas just around the corner, members of the Lampeter-Strasburg Interact club accompanied by Mrs. Cathy Lynch ventured out on a cold Wednesday night to spread some joy this holiday season.
With help from the ladies of Caring Hospice Services, Interact went to the Willow Valley retirement community, as well as Lancashire Hall to carol around the halls and remind the residents of the joys that the season provides.
After all, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear!
--Alexis Glass, LS News reporter

Enigma Weekend Edition: Ceramic Vase by Emma Witmer


Hats off to new thespian society members

Today, the Lampeter-Strasburg High School Thespian Society inducted five new members. New members include Nolan Davidson, Claire Warner, Sean Burke, Celia Yost, and Preston Brazzle