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Fair queens candidates compete for the crown at the West Lampeter Fair

On Wednesday, fourteen candidates competed to earn the title of West Lampeter Fair Queen. The day before, they had a personal interview with the judges where they asked them questions that required them to answer based on their values and beliefs.

The entire event started with an elaborate parade in which every candidate rode in her own convertible with a driver and an escort of her choice. The leader of the parade was Katrina Herrera, last year's fair queen. She rode in a horse-drawn carriage as her last hurrah as the 2018 fair queen.

When all of the candidates arrived, their escorts took them onto the stage, a trailer decorated with hay bales, flowers, and folding chairs for them to sit on. Mr. Raum, the announcer, asked each contestant a random question about the fair.

One question was, "If you were to take a picture of something at the fair and post it on the West Lampeter Fair's Instagram page, what would you take a picture of, what would you caption it, and why?&quo…

Enigma Weekend Edition: Painting by Emile Arsenault

By Emile Arsenault

Enigma is an art and literary magazine. Staff membership is open to any interested high school student. Each year’s staff is formed at the beginning of that school year. The Enigma staff is responsible for all aspects of production, from writing and artwork selection to layout and publication tasks. Items intended for publication may be submitted to the faculty adviser, Mrs. Carol Allen-Gordon

L-S football winning streak grows bigger as they defeat Garden Spot 55-10

The L-S football team continues to impress their fans this season as they romp Garden Spot with a final score of 55-10.

The Pioneers impressed in both the first quarter and the first half. Only 9:30 into the game, the Pioneers put up 21 points against the Garden Spot defense. By halftime, they were up 48-0. Junior quarterback Conner Nolt was 4 for 4 passing with a total of 186 yards in the air, and two touchdowns. He also had 8 yards of rushing.

Senior runningback Brian McKim also impressed in this game, with 7 rushes going for a total of 162 yards and three touchdowns. His average yards per rush was 23.1. Drew Harris and Mike Del Grande did very well on defense, both getting 6 tackles. Harris also had 1 tackle for a loss. The Pioneer defense also made Garden Spot quarterback Jesse Martin throw two interceptions throughout the game.

The highlight of the game was an 84 yard run by Brian McKim, which resulted in a touchdown. Overall, both the offense and the defense for the Pioneers wer…

Opinion: Why L-S football games are fantastic?

There are so many different reasons why L-S home football games are the BEST! Number one is because of the food! We have a great concession stand with lots of delicious snacks including walking tacos, chips, pizza, candy, and more!

Another thing that is pretty great about our football games is our marching band! Our band has great music and an amazing halftime show. The song of this year's football season is "Before Camelot." 

Also, our high school cheerleaders do a great job of entertaining people that might not be very interested in football. The color guard also does an excellent job with their performance. 

Everyone at the L-S football games has great spirit. They are also cheering and wearing their L-S spirit wear. You can never be cheering too loud for the players and cheerleaders. 

So if you are looking for something to do on a Friday night, come support the L-S football team, cheerleaders, color guard, and marching band, and enjoy the game! You can find all the s…

Pioneer football winning streak continues with defeats of Garden Spot

On Friday, Garden Spot fell to the Pioneers 10-55. By halftime, the Spartans had failed to put anything onto the scoreboard trailing the Pioneers 48-0.

Play of the game was from Bryan McKim where he made an 84-yard run into the end zone and finished the game with 159 rushing yards. 
Next week, the Pioneers visit Hempfield.

Photos by Jonathan Klein, LS News Editor-in-Chief and Ethan Sauder, LS News Vice President

Opinion: What has the Marching Band Up To?

The Lampeter-Strasburg High School has many activities and events, one of these is the marching band. The marching band can be important at a football game because we are the entertainment.

Marching band does come with practice and commitment, but it is worth it because it is enjoyable and it is something to be proud of. If you join the marching band you are bound to meet new people and make new friends, everyone in the marching band is kind, inclusive, and accepting. 
In the marching band, when you play you feel like you have a bigger purpose and impact in the band, also it is more fun when you are playing and moving at the same time!

Not only do we get to spend time with our marching band friends at games but we also have pool parties and fun activities like that. The longer you are in the marching band the more inside jokes and games you pick up, for example, we have this joke/game where we put clothespins on people, without them noticing. Being in the marching band will definitel…

Emotional night as Pioneers see the return of Lampeter Bowl trophy

Although Friday's football game was a blowout for L-S winning 49-14, it was an emotional night for both the Pioneers and Conestoga Valley. With an L-S player down for a life-impacting injury and a drastic fall by a CV cheerleader, both teams left the stadium feeling defeated.

The Pioneers won against the Buckskins by 35 points, but it did not feel like a victory. One of our star players, Neil Eckman, was down due to a hard tackle. As paramedics rushed to Neil's side, a CV cheerleader falls from a stunt gone wrong. Both Neil and the cheerleader face back and neck damage. It felt like only a miracle could help them.

The next morning, a facebook post circulated around reading "...Just got confirmation that both students from LS and CV are okay and will both have a full recovery..." A huge relief weight was lifted off of the students and staff of both schools.

As of now, both Neil and the cheerleader are out of the hospital and having a healthy recovery. The school'…

Boys Soccer defeats Eastern Lebanon in overtime

On September 7, the Lampeter-Strasburg High School Boys Soccer team traveled to Eastern Lebanon to challenge the Bobcats. The first half of the game was back and forth with nobody scoring. The two teams appeared equally matched.

Everyone's adrenaline was moving fast every time the Pioneers got really close to the goal. We had a lot of good shots on the goal, but we just couldn't get it past the goalie.

Then half-time came and everyone went to the concession stand to get snacks and drinks. 
The second half started with a similar situation as the first half both teams were trying their hardest. Neither team's goalie was not letting anything go by them. 
The buzzer sounded with a score of 0-0. That means overtime!

In My Own Words: L-S vs West York football game, but from the perspective of the L-S Marching Band

In My Own Words
In this installment of In My Own Words,Krista Lambert recalls her experience at Saturday's West York football game as a marching band member. 

Now, this is not how I would have liked to spend my Saturday, but here we are.

It's 10 am on a Saturday morning. Any other Saturday, I would still be asleep. But this Saturday will be my Saturday with the band. As I begin putting on my band uniform and inwardly lamenting the fact that I'll be wearing this hot uniform on an even hotter bus, I can't help but feel excited for the day ahead; a day with my friends, a day with my instrument, a day to show off what we've been working on for ages. It's game day.

The hour-long bus ride is uneventful and unworthy of its own paragraph. Upon arrival, the standard bus unpacking procedure begins. You'd be surprised by how many marimbas can fit into a single truck. You'd be even more surprised how long it takes to get them out of the bus.

Oh, the football team is…

Gut Wrenching Game: Girls Soccer loses to Hershey in double overtime

The overtime clock runs down...5,4,3,2, the last possible second the striker puts all her power into this kick. Past Lizzie. Past Tara. And then past the keeper.

The sidelines erupt into tumultuous cheers. Ranging from the enthused screams of the coach to the defeated whimpers of our bench. The game was over, we'd lost, Hershey 3, L-S 2. The field players come off in tears, sobbing and defeated they return to the bench. Everyone was upset. Despite playing a good game, we did in fact, lose.

The tensions are high as everyone thinks about how the game started. As Hershey kicks off our striker McKenna Conklin immediately takes it from them and goes to goal. She's the fastest girl I've ever seen. She's sprinting down the line, going, going, shot. SHE SCORED!!!!!!!!! in the first 15 seconds of the game!

As we go to restart, Hershey comes in hot. They brush right past our midfield, our defense, and then our goalie. They come right back at us with some fancy footwork and…

Football remains undefeated in 49-6 win over West York.

The Lampeter-Strasburg Football team improved their overall record to 3-0 on Saturday* after defeating West York, 49-6.

The game started rocky for the Pioneers when they fumbled the opening kickoff but quickly found their groove with the offense racking up 517 total yards. Standout players included Bryan McKim who rushed for 120 yards and quarterback Connor Nolt who was four for seven with a trio of touchdown passes.

On Friday, the Pioneers will host rival Conestoga Valley for the Section 2 opener in the Lampeter Bowl. Don't miss it!

* The game was held on Saturday at 1 pm instead of the traditional Friday night 7 pm start time due to a referee shortage in York County. 

Photos by Jonathan Klein, LS News Editor-in-Chief and Ethan Sauder, LS News Vice President