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Barons dominate Pioneers in section season opener

A game that from start to finish was dominated by Manheim Central had some glimmers of hope going forward. Manheim Central moved to 4-0 with Lampeter-Strasburg falling to 3-1.

The Barons, ranked 45th in the sate, has shown this dominance in every game they have played this season. The Pioneers never stopped fighting even falling into a deep 34-7 hole at half time, with a final score of 69-14.
Some of the signs of hope were the special teams play of L-S, including a kickoff returned 95 yards for a touchdown by Shane Lawler to start the second half. 
This game kicked off the section season for both teams, but remember that the Pioneers also lost their section opener last year to Solanco and went on to win a share of the section title. 
Hopefully L-S can get a needed win against Ephrata tonight.

--Mark Reed, LS News Reporter,
--Maya Pieters, LS News Photographer
Edited: AZ

Fair Queen Preview: Sarah Johnson

Name: Sarah Johnson
Club: Tri-M Music Honor Society
Escort: Aron Possler

Sarah Johnson will be representing Tri-M in the fair queen competition. She's spent her whole life at the fair and continues to go every year. Her favorite parts of the fair include the greased pig chase, the art pavilion, and working at the stands, but she always enjoys the fair as a whole. Sarah likes to enter artwork into the fair and tries to participate in other events as well.

Sarah wanted to bring recognition to music, so she volunteered to be the representative for Tri-M. She is a talented singer, making Madrigals, county and district chorus as well as blowing everyone away at the L-S Idol competition.  Sarah enjoys singing in addition to drawing, making crafts, and metalsmithing. 
In the future, she hopes to attend art school for a job as a jewelry and metals teacher, but she is also thinking about pursuing music.

When Sarah watched fair queen competitions in the past, she thought it was so cool that…

Fair Queen Preview: Ryleigh Lefever

Name: Ryleigh Lefever
Club:  Student Council
Escort:Matthew Paich

Ryleigh is a senior and the daughter of Dwight and Heather Lefever of Lancaster. She will represent Student Council. Ryleigh will be escorted by senior Matthew Paich, the son of Keith and Sherry Paich of Lampeter.

Fair Queen Preview: McKenna Kimmel

Name: McKenna Kimmel
Club:  Mini-THON
Escort: Jordan Williard

McKenna is a senior and the daughter of Scott and Wendy Kimmel of Lancaster. She will represent Mini-THON. McKenna will be escorted by senior Jordan Williard, the son of Kirk and Joanne Williard of Lancaster.

Fair Queen Preview: Alyssa Cunningham

Name: Alyssa Cunningham
Club:  Fellowship of Christian Students
Escort: Josh Beiler

Alyssa is a senior and the daughter of Mark and Mari Cunningham of Lancaster. She will represent the Fellowship of Christian Students. She will be escorted by senior Josh Beiler, the son of David and Keturah Beiler of Lampeter.

Fair Queen Preview: Nikita Glass

Name: Nikita Glass
Club: Interact
Escort: Matt O’ Neil

Nikita, or Kita to all of her friends, has been going to the fair since pre-school. The Fair Queen nomination fell into her lap because, as president of Interact, it is her duty to step up to the plate when no one else will.

Kita has been going to the fair with kids from her neighborhood when she was little and now enjoys going with her friends. Her favorite part about the fair is drinking milkshakes. She loves art and volunteering. Nikita hopes to attend a college with a 5 year physician's assistant program so she can continue helping others.

Kita has never seen a fair queen competition before because of her involvement with fall sports. Kita plays soccer for the school team. She is a defensive outside back on varsity, and this hard work on the field translates into other aspects in her life. She values hard work and kindness. This is one of the reasons she’s president of Interact. She is also a part of NHS and volunteers at…

Fair Queen Preview: Lianna Sauve

Name: Lianna Sauve
Club: Varsity Club
Escort: Colin Anderson

Lianna Sauve has grown up in the Lampeter-Strasburg district and has gone to the fair every year since she was two. Her favorite fair memory was working the pizza stand with her friends at last year’s fair.

 She also enjoys watching the fair queen competition and sampling all the fair food. She likes to play the piano and sing in her spare time. She plans to attend college (hopefully, Liberty University) after high school. She’s looking to get a masters in counseling, continuing to help people grow and better themselves.

Lianna stepped up and accepted the nomination after she was just thrown into it. As President of Varsity Club, she took a leadership position and wants to best represent the club at the fair. She also has various leadership positions in her many other activities. She plays soccer for the school, is in Interact, Student Council, FCS, NHS, the musical, and participates in her church’s youth group.

Lianna Sau…

Fair Queen Preview: Megan Mellinger

Name: Megan Mellinger
Club: FFA
Escort: Kyle Spotts

As reporter for the FFA, Megan Mellinger certainly understands what being fair queen entails. Ever since her kindergarten years, Mellinger has been enjoying the fair and its activities. She’s worked there, she’s entered animals in competitions there, and she’s relaxed with her friends there.

Since kindergarten, Megan has been attending the fair, which makes this her twelfth year. She’s been going for as long as she can remember. And she has plenty of good memories made there. In elementary school, Megan specifically remembers going to see her rabbit that she had entered.

Now, she works at the FFA food stand and walks around with her friends in between showing animals. Friends always showed dairy, beef, and sheep on Friday nights, and Megan “ma[de] sure [she] was there”. And afterwards, the group celebrated with pizza.

Growing up on her parents’ farm, Megan Mellinger has a strong familiarity with the fair and farming in general. Th…

Fair Queen Preview: Isabel Gleason

Name: Isabel Gleason
Club: Ski and Snowboard Club

The fair queen nominee for the ski and snowboard club is Isabel Gleason. Gleason has been going to the fair for as long as she can remember. Some of her favorite memories of the Lampeter Fair involve the rodeo and the pumpkin decorating contest, and she has always enjoyed participating in the greased pig chase.

Gleason highly values the important people in her life and her relationships with them. She really appreciates her family and close friendships.

Gleason is involved in a wide variety of activities. She is a member of the ski and snowboard club, interact, NHS, heros, and varsity club. Some things she enjoys are playing lacrosse, playing soccer, and creating art. After high school, Isabel hopes to attend Penn State.

Since she is "not much of a public speaker," Gleason is nervous about the competition, but she is excited and hopes to become more comfortable with public speaking through this experience. When asked for a…

Boys' soccer avenges previous loss to Etown with 1-0 victory

In possibly the toughest match of the year, the Lampeter-Strasburg boys' soccer team triumphed over Elizabethtown yesterday, 1-0. 
The boys had a lot of prove in this tough match as Etown had beaten the Pioneers 6-0 in their first meeting of the season.
Matt O'Neill scored in the first half on a penalty kick, which proved to be the only score of the game. Jordan Sweger, Colin Anderson, Logan Heister, Derek Eckman, Nate Erb and Peyton Denlinger were key players on a very tough defensive game.
Going into this game, the boys were tied for second place in the section.

Fair Queen Preview: LeeAnna Butcher

Name: LeeAnna Butcher
Club: LSHS Band
Escort: Andrew Lines

LeeAnna Butcher is representing the high school bands (including concert, jazz, and marching band) in the fair queen competition, and her love of both performing with the musical group and visiting the fair every year makes her an exceptional candidate. 
For eleven years now, Lea has enjoyed touring the fairgrounds with her friends. She respects the amount of work that the community puts into the event. Lea never tires of going to the fair because she has so many fond memories associated with it. One of her favorite activities is the All Western horse show. “[The show] reminds me of my home back in South Dakota. I’ve been riding horses western style since I was a kid.” 
Her personal favorite, however, is the art exhibit. But when Lea is not browsing the exhibits, she is working hard for her club.

Lea loves supporting the band any way she can, which is partially why she was chosen as their representative. She enjoys working at t…

Fair Queen Preview: Lauren Bliss

Name: Lauren Bliss
Club: National Honor Society
Escort: Grant Davis

Lauren Bliss will be representing National Honor Society for the 2016 Fair Queen Competition and will be escorted by her good friend, Grant Davis.

Bliss has been in the Lampeter-Strasburg School District her whole life and has enjoyed going to the fair each year. She won several ribbons at the fair for her artwork in elementary school. 
But something new to her this year will be participating in the Fair Queen competition, her favorite event, instead of watching it. 
She enjoyed last year’s competition the best, and “admire[s] the honesty and originality that Chelsea Hancock brought to the competition.” But Bliss will also bring her own originality; she believes that a Fair Queen should care about the community and the individuals, and they should be humble and confident while benefiting others. 
Bliss believes in hard work and participates in numerous extracurriculars such as Cross Country, District and County Choru…

Fair Queen Preview: Camille Holzbauer

Name: Camille Holzbauer
Club: Enigma
Escort: Will McClintock

When one thinks of Camille Holzbauer, they picture an honest individual with lots of personality. And although she might act a little crazy sometimes, she always knows when to focus in on the important aspects of her life.

Camille, senior, values the fair as a core part of the Lancaster County community. She has been attending Lampeter-Strasburg School District for twelve years now, and she has attended the fair every single one of those years.

Camille fondly remembers holding the baby chicks as a child (before they took them away, of course). “I always liked how small and fluffy they were,” the Enigma president gushes. And like many of us, Holzbauer always makes sure to stop by the food stands. The pizza, in her opinion, is “always enjoyable”.

But this year, Camille Holzbauer has decided to take her love of the fair to another level. She volunteered to run as the representative for Enigma, the school’s literary magazine,…

Fair Queen Preview: Sam Tran

Name: Sam Tran
Club: Asian Culture Club
Escort: Conner Shelton

Samantha Tran is the fair queen candidate for Asian Culture Club. As president, it was natural for Mr. Brian Fisher to look to Sam to represent their club. Not only does Sam lead Asian Culture Club, but she is very involved in other clubs. She takes part in Girls’ Tennis, Aevidum, Interact, Student Council, Spring Musical, NHS, and L-S News as well.

Sam loves the feeling of community she gets from being a part of all these clubs. It really helped her expand her comfort zone; Sam treasures all the memories she made interacting with the community through the clubs.

As the Fair approaches, Sam’s excitement grows. She loves the fair because it’s a place to spend time with friends, and it’s something new to do. Her favorite memory was walking down to the fair next to a former queen candidate.

She felt very fortunate to be chosen on a part of someone else’s special day and hopes to be able to share that feeling with more club …

Back to school means fair season for Garden Spot FFA

Fall is a busy time for everyone. It means back-to-school and football. For the Lampeter-Strasburg Garden Spot FFA, it means the Lampeter Fair is just around the corner and that makes life a little bit hectic.
 Many of the students in FFA have animals and exhibits to prepare for the fair. Those with animals take a good part of the year (6-9 months) to raise their chosen animals the students have to fit the animal into a weight class as well as train it to walk with them.

The first FFA meeting of the 2016-2017 school year  took place during the second week of school.  and sign-ups for the FFA food stand are just about filled up.

Most of the fall activities center on the fair. FFA helps with the set-up, clean-up and takes a field trip to the fair on Thursday, September 29.

L-S FFA students compete with the surrounding chapters doing judging contests and other activities such as a tug of war. The ag classes go down on Friday and compete with Penn Manor’s FFA chapter.
In October, the FFA …

Rival teams come together for ALS awareness

Last night the girls' field hockey teams of Lampeter-Strasburg and Solanco put aside their rivalry to raise awareness for ALS. and money.
Players of both teams worked hard on and off the field to prepare for this game by gathering donations at lunch and at the game for Delaney Strong, which is part of Greater Philadelphia ALS Association.

Another L-S corner leads to this goal from Laura Horner. L-S up 2-0 over Solanco at halftime. — Diana Pugliese (@dianapugs) September 21, 2016

In the video clip above from Diana Pugliese, another L-S corner leads to this goal from Laura Horner. This gave L-S a 2-0 lead over Solanco at halftime. The second half of the game remained scoreless giving L-S 2-0 victory. The JV also won their game against Solanco 3-0.
See all of Payton King's field hockey photos.
--Payton King, LS NewsPhotographer
Edited: AZ

Pioneers defeats ELCO 7-0

Lampeter-Strasburg girls' tennis beat ELCO on Wednesday, impressively bagging yet another 7-0 win. Aces, volleys, and slices were just some of the many successful shots utilized in both doubles and singles. "Dang, we're killing it in doubles!" was declared by Kaknika Viset, and it was an appropriate response, as they were won relatively quickly.

As Leagues approaches closer and the regular season is slowly coming to end, the players are staying as determined as they were in the beginning. Senior night — the last home match of the season — is this Friday against Ephrata, and the girls would absolutely love it if you came out to support them!
--Samantha Tran, LS News Reporter
Edited: AZ

Sophomore Class officers announced

Last week the Class of 2019 held elections for sophomore class officers for the 2015-2016 school year. 
Congratulations to President: Mason Knarr, Vice President: Abbey Drummond, Secretary: Ian Buscay, and Treasurer: Thomas Shockey. The sophomore class is advised by Mrs. Allen-Gordon.
--Payton King, LS News Photograher
Edited: AZ

Freshmen Class officers announced

Last week the Class of 2020 held elections for freshmen class officers for the 2015-2016 school year.  Congratulations to President: Jess Herr, Vice President: Lizzie Adams, Secretary: Nora Holnes, and Treasurer: Julia Smecker. The freshman class is advised by Mrs. Allen-Gordon.
--Payton King, LS News Photograher
Edited: AZ

POV marching band half-time performance

Many have seen the Lampeter-Strasburg marching band's half-time performance from the comfort of their stadium seat. But have you ever wondered what it looks like from the field?

On Friday, September 16, Freshmen Sean McClary strapped on his GoPro to provide you with the answer with this POV of the show.

POV Marching Band Half-Time Performance
POV Marching Band Procession

The Pioneer football team went on to win Friday's Lampeter Bowl against Conestoga Valley 35-26. Read our full coverage here.

--Sean McClary, LS News Videographer
Edited: AZ

L-S graduate wins Grand Champion Market Lamb at Solanco Fair

Donovan Weaver, 2016 graduate and current FFA member, won Grand Champion Market Lamb at the Solanco Fair this past week with one of his two lambs entered at the fair.
The lamb weighed 144 pounds and Weaver has been raising it since late April. The lamb--a Hampshire Suffolk cross--was purchased by Fulton Bank on Friday night. 
Weaver won light heavyweight class, overall heavyweight class, and finally grand champion. 
--Megan Mellinger, LS News Guest Writer and FFA Reporter
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Despite slow start, Pioneers bests Penn Manor 30-16

After a slow, and somewhat ugly start to a game at Penn Manor, Lampeter-Strasburg football is headed to 2-0.
L-S won the coin toss, and decided to receive, going three and out with a punt on their first drive, then Penn Manor doing the same in a battle of starting field possession. Which was won by L-S, averaging 34.5 yards per punt, compared to Penn Manor’s 29.5 yards per punt. 
Penn Manor struck first in the scoring battle receiving good field possession due to one of L-S’s weak points in the game three fumbles (only lost one) and kicking a field goal with 4:11 left in the first quarter. This would be the only scoring of the first quarter with both teams exchanging punts throughout the rest of the quarter.

Penn Manor also struck first in the second quarter kicking another field goal with 10:25 remaining until halftime. On the following drive for L-S pinned deep from a good Penn Manor kickoff, Todd Shelley was pressured and the resulting throw was an interception returned for a Penn …

Aloha indeed! Pioneers defeat CV in seventh annual Lampeter Bowl

It was the seventh annual meeting of the Lampeter Bowl, a rivalry recently dominated by Lampeter-Strasburg winning five in a row coming into this match-up.

A game that saw a weak punting performance by Conestoga Valley giving L-S’s offense great field position time and time again.

Also a CV special teams that missed an extra point and failed on a two point conversion late in the game. For the second game in a row quarterbacks Todd Shelley and Justin Edwards split snaps at quarterback with Shelley getting the start.

L-S started with the ball and put together a nice drive before turning it over to CV’s offense on a failed fake punt. Shortly after CV got the ball they punted back to L-S, but an LS fumble set up for a 34 yard CV rushing touchdown by Connor Britton with 5:26 left in the first quarter. Both teams would then exchange punts to end the first quarter.

L-S got off to a quick start in the second quarter after a slow first, with a Cam Niemeyer 4 yard rush with 11:37 left in the h…

L-S graduate returns home to teach Spanish at alma mater

The language department at Lampeter-Strasburg High School includes many wonderful teachers, some of which have been a part of the District since they were students here themselves. On of this year's additions to the faculty is Mrs. Becky McConnell.

She replaces 32 year teaching veteran Mr. Angelo Albanesewho retired last spring.

McConnell is a cultured, experienced, and fascinating person who has already traveled the world since graduating from L-S in 2003.

McConnell attended Shippensburg University and participated in missionary work in eleven different countries--Peru, Bolivia, South Africa, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Swaziland, Malawi, Mozambique, and Thailand--through She feels that her mission work truly shaped her to be the person she is today.

While in these countries she aided people in a red light district, was held at gunpoint, and temporarily lived in horrible conditions that people suffer through everyday such as being completely covered in fleas and liv…

Girls' tennis conquers LMH to earn second 7-0 sweep of season

The girls' tennis team beat Lancaster Mennonite 7-0 in their match on Wednesday.

Doubles partners Sami Williams and Larson Kessler had no trouble in winning their game 8-0, with Lauren Rettew and Erin Harnish finishing 8-1 shortly after. The final duo consisted of Izzy Mazaheri and Sarah Capoferri, and their dynamic partnership enabled them to win 8-2.
The singles matches were also successful: Sarah, Larson, Lauren, and Sami all won their games, contributing to the overall sweep.
The team is looking forward to their away match on Friday against Lancaster Catholic.
--Samantha Tran, LS News Reporter
Edited: AZ

Girls' tennis defeats Cocalico 5-2

On the last day of August, the girls' tennis team came to the courts prepared to bring home another win over Cocalico. However, 30 minutes into the match, both teams were unexpectedly met with a downpour of rain. But dreary weather and a long postponement did nothing to kill the determination to succeed: On a hot Wednesday exactly one week later, the girls beat Cocalico 5-2. Doubles wins included the pairs of Sarah Capoferri & Izzy Mazaheri and Rachel Marcroft & Julia Breneman. Even though the lineup was slightly mixed up due to the odd situation with the postponement, both duos won 8-2.

As always, Sarah Capoferri delivered stunning serves and powerful hits in order to win both sets 6-0. Larson Kessler's skillful techniques also enabled her to win both of her sets 6-2.

The final match of the day belonged to Lauren Rettew. After winning her first set and losing her second, she and her opponent faced each other in a tiebreak. Lauren's perseverance combined with her f…

Get to the Chopper: Freshmen flies helicopter over L-S campus

This summer freshmen Sean McClary enjoyed a helicopter flight over the Lampeter-Strasburg School District campus. He shared video of the flight taken with his GoPro.

You can view McClary's full 8.5 minute helicopter ride video here.

--Sean McClary, LS News Videographer
Edited: AZ

Pioneers victorious over Eastern York 42-7 in post-Bear Shank era

Friday's game not only marked the start of a new season for the Lampeter-Strasburg football team but also a new era as the Pioneers play without 7000-yard club three year starting star quarterback Bear Shank. This new era started on a high note with the Pioneers opening the 2016 season by soundly defeating Eastern York, 42-7. Junior Todd Shelley lead the Pioneers by connecting 10 of his 17 passes for 248 yards and five touchdowns. Cam Niemeyer was another standout player who earned 146 yards with five passes. Niemeyer's highlight play was his 36-yard dash that earned him his third touchdown of the night.

LS News videographer Oliver Marvin has this highlight reel.
In fact Todd Shelley and Cam Niemeyer had such great games that both players have been nominated as Football Player of the Week by PennLive. You can vote for them at
--Oliver Marvin, LS News Sports Reporter and Videographer
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L-S students' art accepted in prestigious Whitaker Center exhibition

This week four Lampeter-Strasburg artists had their work accepted into the Whitaker Center’s Y Art: Discovering the Next Generation of Artists exhibition.
The art of Ericka Neff, Autumn Peters, Olivia Martin, and Shannon Ferrari will be presented in Art on the Curved Wall Gallery at Whitaker Center from August 28 through October 30. In addition, the reception is to be held at the Whitaker Center at Sunday, September 11 in conjunction with the 28th Annual Harrisburg Gallery Walk.
For more information visit:

Cast for 'Arsenic and Old Lace' announced

This morning Mrs. Susan Rettew, director of the 2016 fall production of Arsenic and Old Lace, announced the cast list. With approximately 20 students trying out for a 15 person production there is bound to be some disappointment.
"It is extremely difficult to cast any show because of the talent we have at L-S," Rettew says.

Rettew noted that the characters must have a certain reactive quality to be a successful performer in the show, and she is confident the cast she assembled is up to the task.

The cast who will perform this show from November 10-12 in the L-S Performing Arts Center is:

Cast List for Arsenic and Old Lace In order of appearance:

Plot Summary 
Arsenic and Old Lace. A seemingly random combination of two objects but in actuality the Lampeter-Strasburg Thespian Society's fall play.

The 1940s story of a newly engaged young man uncovering the dark secrets that reside in his crooked family’s past will take center stage November 10-12.

The story begins with Mortim…