Fair Queen Preview: Sam Tran

Sam Tran
Name: Sam Tran
Club: Asian Culture Club
Escort: Conner Shelton

Samantha Tran is the fair queen candidate for Asian Culture Club. As president, it was natural for Mr. Brian Fisher to look to Sam to represent their club. Not only does Sam lead Asian Culture Club, but she is very involved in other clubs. She takes part in Girls’ Tennis, Aevidum, Interact, Student Council, Spring Musical, NHS, and L-S News as well.

Sam loves the feeling of community she gets from being a part of all these clubs. It really helped her expand her comfort zone; Sam treasures all the memories she made interacting with the community through the clubs.

As the Fair approaches, Sam’s excitement grows. She loves the fair because it’s a place to spend time with friends, and it’s something new to do. Her favorite memory was walking down to the fair next to a former queen candidate.

She felt very fortunate to be chosen on a part of someone else’s special day and hopes to be able to share that feeling with more club members. Her favorite part about the fair is the Art booth: Seeing what other people have created and the amount of work put into a project is a huge inspiration to Sam. A close second is the food. Her favorite thing to treat herself to are the milkshakes.

Sam expects a good competition this year; all of the other candidates are “great, kind people” and Sam feels lucky to be a part of such a diverse group. She feels as though reflection of character is a very important trait of the Fair Queen, as well as being knowledgeable and mature.

Sam is hoping to gain more confidence in her public speaking abilities after the competition; she knows it’s tough to stand in front of a big crowd and speak your mind. More importantly, Sam is looking to have fun and create a memory that she can look back and smile on in future years.

--Lillian Murr, LS News Editor-in-Chief
Edited: AZ

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