Orchestra in the Limelight

This past Monday’s districtwide orchestra performance was a spectacular blend of symphony and adrenaline. Led by Mr. Robert Shaubach, the high school orchestra presented four very different pieces they have worked hard to bring to life.

“Intermezzo Sinfonico” is described as a rustic composition from the Cavalleria Rusticana opera. The tone of the piece itself greatly resembles the grand music of an opera. The sound reverberated off the walls with impact and emotion at the peak of the song.

Their next piece was one familiar to many. “The Chronicles of Narnia” piece encompassed much of the score from the movie. Fit for the silver screen, the ride took the audience to the farthest reaches of the land of Narnia. The “Narnia Main Theme” was carried out perfectly to the ear with its magical and uplifting melody. Thunderous booms from the drums brought a dramatic touch to this piece. Trills or quick, repeated movements between notes added a sense of excitement throughout.

Music from the film “Ratatouille” instantly transported the listener with its iconic sweeping melodies to the streets of France. The quick pace of the rat set the tone for the song. Soloist and Senior Ellie Young did a phenomenal job in her spotlight. The song’s volume increased as tensions rose and fell, reflecting the adventure of the movie.

“Amadeus!” from Symphony No. 25 was written by Mozart while he was still a teenager. The sound created was a dynamic composition that required many rapid movements to accomplish. The concert ended with a burst of energy that left the audience wanting more. Be sure to support the L-S High School Orchestra at their spring performance on April 30th!

By Emma Jennings, L-S News reporter

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