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First L-S Home Marching Band Performance

  Just last Friday, September 15, the L-S Marching Band had their very first performance at the home stadium. The band had their first hype session and hosted middle schoolers for Band Buddy Night, as well. The L-S Marching Band taking field 2023 Each member of the band was placed with their middle school apprentice before the game to introduce them to life in marching band. There were a total of 130 middle schoolers who showed up that night to participate. When asked about a favorite part of the night, Claire Nafiziger, grade 8, stated, “It is really energetic and fun. Everybody just hangs out and plays music together.” The first performance of the evening was the hype session on the lower L-S turf. The band played warm-ups and danced a bit to a small crowd of people before the real show.  Shortly after, the marching band departed from their buddies to perform their 3-part show of 2023, Dare To Dream . The song list begins with “Not Afraid to Dream,” followed by “A Million Dreams” fr