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Opinion: 5 Ways to Survive Your Freshman Year

From personal experience, I know that freshman year is hard. It's a completely different school with a different new system from middle school. I'm just here to help you in achieving the 9th grade.

Step 1: Pay attention!!
The main problem in freshman year is "I don't understand the subject" or "I have too much homework." Put the phone away, and no not just on your desk but actually in your backpack and out of your view. Having your phone next to you is one of the big reasons for not understanding the topic, so next time zip it away!

Step 2: Don't let the upperclassmen scare you
I'm in high school, and I know how scary it is with all these older kids staring at you. I also know that freshmen are the low man on the totem pole. Just walk into the school and don't let their looks make you feel self-conscious. You're fine because you aren't the only freshman. Everyone was a freshman once.

Step 3: Just be nice
Being mean doesn't get you f…

Enigma Weekend Edition Poem: Four Days

By Alyssa Zaepfel
Thursday. At band practice
it began to rain
but we didn’t go
we continued
to walk in circles --
back and forth--
to and fro--
until my mascara
began to roll
onto my cheeks
and my hair
frizzed into
a halo.
I didn’t mind. Friday. It was bitter
sitting in the
band stands
the wind biting
my nose.
Solanco’s fries
are extremely overpriced.
Five dollars.
But it was
warm and toasty
and that was
all I could
ask for.
Saturday. I often forget
the beauty of
just watching.
Watching clouds,
watching people,
watching the world
roll on by.
Seeing the nature
of people
is always rewarding--
catching a wholesome
moment between
two friends is like
catching a firefly
on one of the first
warm evenings of June.
Although it’s only
for a moment
it can make my whole day.
Sunday. The best feeling
is getting what
you expected.
It is like
opening that one
Christmas gift
where you just know
what it is
and the joy leaks
from your soul.
I expected to cry
when I heard her.
And …

Opinion: The Joys of Owning a Horse

A horse can be a great family pet. In fact, I have two, Tweet and Kendall, and they are wonderful horses.

Horses may seem to be scary because they are so big but once you get used to their size they are just gentle giants. Riding horses is a huge confidence builder because you are learning to control these huge creatures.

When I'm riding my horse I couldn't be happier. It is my favorite free time activity. My horse is my best friend. He follows me around like a dog, and I know he will never try to hurt me on purpose.

We don't always agree on everything but it's my job to train him to trust me that I won't ever do anything to hurt him either.

Even though horses are a lot of work, it is time well spent. When you're brushing your horse to keep them clean your bonding with your horse and they will trust you more.

Cleaning stalls may sound disgusting but you get used to it. In fact when I first got my horse I didn't like the idea at all, but now I would rather d…

Garden Spot FFA competes in Eastern Region CDEs taking top honors in several categories

On November 13, 12 members of the Garden Spot FFA traveled to the Lebanon Fair grounds to compete in the Eastern Region Career Development Events. Members are required to participate in a CDE to be an active member. They also must complete at least ten hours of practice time before attending States. Regionals is a practice competition for many CDEs, while other it is a qualifying round for States.

Our chapter had members competing in Forestry, Milk Quality and Products, Dairy Cattle Evaluation, Aquatics, and Ag Issues. Bella Eckert placed second overall and first in the county in Milk Quality and Products.

The Ag Issues team included of Jeslyn Krebs, Jess Herr, Gracie Hess, Tobias Leaman, Bryce Johnson, and Danae Ranck. Their team delivered a presentation on international trade and received first place. Leah Denlinger and Natalie Ronneburger competed in Horse Evaluation. Natalie received sixth in the county and 14th overall, Leah received 11th in the county and 27th overall. 
Ben Bea…

In My Own Words: Volleyball Team Experiences That Will Last a Lifetime

In My Own Words
In this installment of In My Own Words, Brooke Smith shares her freshman experience playing volleyball. A perfect example of it's the journey and not the destination that's important.

This year, I played volleyball on the Lampeter-Strasburg High School team. It was my fourth year playing the sport, but it was definitely a season to remember. Not only were the practices, games, and tournaments fun, but I also enjoyed getting to know my team. Here are some the really cool things we did together.

Movie night at Betsy's

Breakfast at George's

Trip to Mount Gretna

Millersville team camp

Pool party

Team runs

I will never forget these experiences especially because we documented them all through the LSGirlsvball Instagram page. These activities allowed me to grow closer to the girls and created a team bond. I also learned a lot about the game this year. My favorite position was outside hitter.

I also enjoyed being a defensive specialist. I played in positions fi…

Movie Review: A Voice Worth Listening To

Movie Review: The Hate U Give
I recently went to see the movie The Hate U Give at Penn Cinema. I have to say I usually get antsy during movies and wonder how much longer until it will be over. This time was a very different story.

My heart was beating the whole time wondering what was going to happen next. I never once looked away from the screen. It is a movie that everyone should see some time in their life.

This movie is based on a book I began to read over the summer. It is about an African American girl named Starr who lives in an urban neighborhood called Garden Heights. She lives with her two parents and her older brother Seven and little brother Sekani. Starr lives in two very different worlds; she goes to a private school made up of predominately white kids and lives in a neighborhood made up of mostly African Americans.

Starr lives a very hard life after her close friend Khalil gets shot by a police for holding a hairbrush which was mistaken for a gun. Starr has to cover up …

Opinion: The Horrors of Having Miniature Pigs as Pets

Being a miniature pig owner may sound like a whole lot of fun, but think again. Taking care of a pig is a lot of work and takes a lot of time.

I have a miniature pig. They are a lot of work and very time consuming plus I don't have a lot of time on my hands. Pigs typically are supposed to be outside animals or in a barn but miniature pigs are allowed to be considered house pets.

Miniature pigs are very intelligent so it does not take long to litter box train a pig but the bad thing about them using litter boxes is when it is not cleaned frequently it starts to smell really bad. Cleaning the litter box is one of the time problems and a very smelly problem that can attract flies if not cleaned.

Not only do pigs start to smell if you don't have time to clean the litter box, but pigs also get lonely and bored easily. Without giving the pigs attention 24/7 they might start chewing on some of your important household objects or even the doors of your house. The miniature pigs also…

Thespian Society's twist ending of 'The Mousetrap' surprises audiences

It is almost universal agreed that The Mousetrap has one of the best twist endings in history. Lampeter-Strasburg theater goers got to experience this twist last week when the L-S Thespian Society presented this famous "whodunit" by Agatha Christie.  Directed by high school English teacher Mrs. Susan Rettew, the show included this cast of characters Giles and Mollie Ralston were played by Person Castor and Katrina Herrera. The owners and managers of Monkswell Manor. They are the only staff. It was there opening when they had their first full house. 
Christopher Wren was played by Braeden Weaver and was the first to arrive at the Manor and acts in a strange way. He also says that he is running from something but he never tells what. 
Mrs. Boyle, played by Jillian Pontz, is an older woman that is very critical of everything that Mollie Ralston does. 
Major McCaffrey, played by Logan Emmert, was retired from the army and has a very mysterious past. 
Miss Casewell, played by Sa…

Enigma Weekend Edition Poem: 'The Clouds Billow'

The Clouds Billow By BaiLee Herr
The clouds billow as the sun rises. The yellow and gold rays jet out so we can enjoy their beauty
The cold air brushes through my hair and past my face as it settles on down and brings me to peace
The trees, green and fluffy like a bunny’s cotton tail. Its trunk, thicker than that of an elephant’s. Its leaves green, but on the brink of turning orange, red, yellow, the sign of fall.
The air clears my mind, cleans my thoughts, my head. The leaves on the ground are so beautiful.

Enigma is the art and literary magazine. Staff membership is open to any interested high school student. Each year’s staff is formed at the beginning of that school year. The Enigma staff is responsible for all aspects of production, from writing and artwork selection to layout and publication tasks. Members are also required to attend Coffeehouse readings. Items intended for publication may be submitted to the faculty adviser, Mrs. Carol Allen-Gordon.

Opinion: What Are Electronics Doing To This Generation?

How often do you find yourself on an electronic device?

Most teenagers spend about nine hours a day on a device. That is a lot of time down the drain. Electronics are changing the way kids think and act. Some kids will spend all day locked in their room on their phone or other electronics.

They do not enjoy quality time with their family or friends. Some kids think that the whole world revolves around electronics.

Life with electronics is so different from life without electronics. Kids who had no access to devices were sociable. They played games with their friends and family. They spent time outside enjoying fresh air. Kids now just sit inside by themselves and play video games or watch videos.

The one way kids will talk to others is if they are face timing their friends or if they are playing the same video game together. Children rarely spend any time with the people they love.

I think that ever since electronics became more popular and more useful everyone seemed to disconnect f…

In My Own Words: One Final Voice for Music

In My Own WordsIn this installment of In My Own Words, Michael Hayes talks about the final performance of the 2018 marching band season. On Saturday, November 3, the Lampeter-Strasburg Marching Band performed for the last time their 2018 show "Voices." To thank the community for their support on Tag Day, the marching band's one and only fundraiser for the entire year, we set up a performance to celebrate them.

Originally, this "Tag Day Performance" was scheduled for October 11, but due to certain circumstances, (a.k.a weather) that event was postponed. Before they arrived on the field, the band members celebrated their seniors, since this would be their last time marching.

During these heartfelt speeches, the seniors talked about their own experiences and their advice for the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. One memorable speech was senior Pierson Caster, who said, "The experience doesn't change, but the perspective does."

After the performance …

In My Own Words: Girls Soccer - A Season to Remember

In My Own WordsIn this installment of In My Own Words, Jenna Daveler talks about playing soccer on the varsity team as a freshman. This season I played on the Lampeter-Strasburg Girls Soccer team. When I first started I was really nervous because I was trying out with girls much older than me.

The year before I played for PA Classics Development Academy. After the first week of preseason and tryouts I got the e-mail that I made Varsity. I was so excited but also very nervous at the same time.

My coach told me that she wanted to me to play as a striker position and score goals for the team. After she told me that I was hesitant because I have played defense for so long.

A little bit into the season I scored my first varsity goal. I was so thrilled to have scored a goal. My team dumped the water on me after I scored. Halfway through the season my coach put me back to defense to hold the back line. I was just getting comfortable playing upfront, but I was glad to be playing defense again…

Opinion: 7 Reasons Why The Middle Child Is The Worst To Be In The Family!

If you're in a family with an odd number of kids, there is most likely a middle child. In my family, I am that child. The one who is forgotten; the one who gets ignored; the one who never gets to buy new clothes. This is the life of the middle child.

1. Always seem like you’re forgotten or ignored.
When you’re the middle child, you kinda get “passed over.” It seems like not many people notice you which means you can sometimes get away with things. 😃 One time when I came back home from a party, there was nobody home! I had no idea where my family was and it was terrifying!

2. Don’t get to buy new clothes because you get everything from your siblings.
I know for me, I ALWAYS get hand-me-downs. When my older sister grows out of her clothes, they come straight to me. I never get to buy my own clothes! Even if something is too big for my younger sister, I end up getting it.

3. When you’re younger, you never get to be first in line.
Okay, this one sounds a little bit funny but I hated …

End of the Season Send-Off for Field Hockey

On Wednesday, November 7, the Lampeter-Strasburg High School field hockey team had their final get together for the 2018 season at Fireside Tavern in Strasburg. The field hockey team celebrated all the players' awards and accomplishments from the season.

It was an amazing night to honor the seniors, and all the things that they accomplished throughout their field hockey career. It was fun to celebrate a final goodbye to the senior's last season being a part of the L-S field hockey program.

The seniors that will be moving on from our program are Abby Thorius, Makayla Malcolm, Kate Smith, Kelsey Kimmel, Delaney McCormick, Lake Reynolds, Amelia Cope, and Lexi Glass.

During the banquet, we watched a slide show showcasing all the fun we had during the season which includes: the road race, the chicken games, and the team dinners/ team bonding. Coach Swarr added, "I knew that this year we had a talented group of players."

The coaches all got thanked for their dedication to …

FFA welcomes newest members at Greenhand Night

To some individuals they are freshman, to some they are rookies, to others they are simply new members, but to the FFA, they are Greenhands! Greenhand members of FFA chapters are active, first year members.

These students are working to obtain their first degree in the FFA, the Greenhand Degree. The Greenhand Degree is the first step on a ladder of degrees that any FFA member can recieve. Our Garden Spot FFA Officer Team and the Lancaster County Officer Team organize special evenings to welcome Greenhands and help them get involved.

On October 29, every Greenhand in the Garden Spot FFA Chapter was invited to “hit the bullseye with their Greenhand Degrees”. The Garden Spot FFA Officer Team created stations and games to help our Greenhands learn about FFA official dress, the FFA motto, the degree ladder, Career Development Events, the FFA motto, and what they can do to succeed as an FFA member. 
Members were welcomed with a meal and introduced to each officer, then split into groups an…

Enigma Weekend Edition Poem: 'nice blue clear sky'

nice blue clear sky
by Billy Good
nice blue clear sky, with a little bit of dark clouds.
the trees look like very dark broccoli, and the leaves are hanging on for dear life

Enigma is the art and literary magazine. Staff membership is open to any interested high school student. Each year’s staff is formed at the beginning of that school year. The Enigma staff is responsible for all aspects of production, from writing and artwork selection to layout and publication tasks. Members are also required to attend Coffeehouse readings. Items intended for publication may be submitted to the faculty adviser, Mrs. Carol Allen-Gordon

Suspect Everyone: Agatha Christie's 'The Mousetrap' opens on the L-S stage tomorrow

What is it?
The Mousetrap is a play about eight people who all get stuck at a guest house, Monkswell Manor, in the winter. One of the people there is a murderer and is picking off people who are related to a crime that took place several years ago. Everyone is scared for their life when they realize that the killer is among them and they are all trapped together.

Meet the Characters

The Guesthouse is run by Mollie and Giles Ralston. There are four expected guests, Christopher Wren, Mrs. Boyle, Major Metcalf, and Miss Casewell. There is also an unexpected guest Mr. Paravinci. Alongside the guest and owners of the establishment is Detective Sergent Trotter.

Character Description

Mollie Ralston
Mollie Ralston is a young woman running Monskwell Manor with her husband. Mollie is played by Katrina Herrera.

Giles Ralston
Giles is a playful young man running Monskwell Manor with his wife. Giles is played by Pierston Castor.

Christopher Wren
Christopher Wren is a young, over energetic man acts in un…