Opinion: 5 Ways to Survive Your Freshman Year

From personal experience, I know that freshman year is hard. It's a completely different school with a different new system from middle school. I'm just here to help you in achieving the 9th grade.

Step 1: Pay attention!!
The main problem in freshman year is "I don't understand the subject" or "I have too much homework." Put the phone away, and no not just on your desk but actually in your backpack and out of your view. Having your phone next to you is one of the big reasons for not understanding the topic, so next time zip it away!

Step 2: Don't let the upperclassmen scare you
I'm in high school, and I know how scary it is with all these older kids staring at you. I also know that freshmen are the low man on the totem pole. Just walk into the school and don't let their looks make you feel self-conscious. You're fine because you aren't the only freshman. Everyone was a freshman once.

Step 3: Just be nice
Being mean doesn't get you friends, and no one wants to go through the school year alone. Yeah, teens think that being rebellious or being bad gets you popular. It doesn't. It's easy, if you're nice, people will like you more.

Step 4: Try to meet new people

Yeah yeah, you have all your friends from middle school, but friend groups do change. You might not have the same classes as them. Try to reach outside of your traditional group of friends by meeting new people.

Step 5: Be yourself

You don't need to change for anyone. The only change you need to make is for yourself. Don't let others justify how you should dress or wear your hair. You need to be the one that makes those decisions.

The opinions of the stated author do not constitute an official position of the Lampeter-Strasburg School District or of the LS News editorial board.

-- By Caitlin Stipe, LS News reporter

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