Fair Queen Preview: Isabel Gleason

Isabel Gleason
Name: Isabel Gleason
Club: Ski and Snowboard Club

The fair queen nominee for the ski and snowboard club is Isabel Gleason. Gleason has been going to the fair for as long as she can remember. Some of her favorite memories of the Lampeter Fair involve the rodeo and the pumpkin decorating contest, and she has always enjoyed participating in the greased pig chase.

Gleason highly values the important people in her life and her relationships with them. She really appreciates her family and close friendships.

Gleason is involved in a wide variety of activities. She is a member of the ski and snowboard club, interact, NHS, heros, and varsity club. Some things she enjoys are playing lacrosse, playing soccer, and creating art. After high school, Isabel hopes to attend Penn State.

Since she is "not much of a public speaker," Gleason is nervous about the competition, but she is excited and hopes to become more comfortable with public speaking through this experience. When asked for a final comment, Gleason said, "Best of luck to all my friends!"

--Sarah Goldberg, LS News Reporter
Edited: AZ

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