Fair Queen Preview: Lauren Bliss

Lauren Bliss
Name: Lauren Bliss
Club: National Honor Society
Escort: Grant Davis

Lauren Bliss will be representing National Honor Society for the 2016 Fair Queen Competition and will be escorted by her good friend, Grant Davis.

Bliss has been in the Lampeter-Strasburg School District her whole life and has enjoyed going to the fair each year. She won several ribbons at the fair for her artwork in elementary school. 

But something new to her this year will be participating in the Fair Queen competition, her favorite event, instead of watching it. 

She enjoyed last year’s competition the best, and “admire[s] the honesty and originality that Chelsea Hancock brought to the competition.” But Bliss will also bring her own originality; she believes that a Fair Queen should care about the community and the individuals, and they should be humble and confident while benefiting others. 

Bliss believes in hard work and participates in numerous extracurriculars such as Cross Country, District and County Chorus, Madrigal Singers, High School Heroes, Spring Musical, Thespian Society, Tri-M, and Varsity Club. A

fter high school, she plans to become a Labor and Delivery Nurse. But for now, you’ll find her as excited as ever up on stage Wednesday night. From this competition she hopes to gain public speaking experience while promoting NHS and all that it stands for.

--Taylor GriffinLS News Staff Reporter
Edited: AZ

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