Fair Queen Preview: Camille Holzbauer

Camille Holzbauer
Name: Camille Holzbauer
Club: Enigma
Escort: Will McClintock

When one thinks of Camille Holzbauer, they picture an honest individual with lots of personality. And although she might act a little crazy sometimes, she always knows when to focus in on the important aspects of her life.

Camille, senior, values the fair as a core part of the Lancaster County community. She has been attending Lampeter-Strasburg School District for twelve years now, and she has attended the fair every single one of those years.

Camille fondly remembers holding the baby chicks as a child (before they took them away, of course). “I always liked how small and fluffy they were,” the Enigma president gushes. And like many of us, Holzbauer always makes sure to stop by the food stands. The pizza, in her opinion, is “always enjoyable”.

But this year, Camille Holzbauer has decided to take her love of the fair to another level. She volunteered to run as the representative for Enigma, the school’s literary magazine, although no one else would have been picked. “I’m the president,” Camille explains. “There wasn’t a lot of competition.”

But Camille is worried about the opposition posed by the other contestants. “ I feel that this year is going to be a tough competition because there are so many great girls running for the title.” Even though she often gives off an air of confidence, Holzbauer never likes presenting in front of large groups. “Despite what many people think, I do not enjoy talking to large crowds,” Camille nervously laughs. She hopes that the fair queen contest will improve her public speaking skills, as well as enhance her knowledge of the fair itself.

In Camille’s free time, she is always working. If she isn’t slaving away at PacSun, she is pushing herself at tennis practice or swim meets. In addition to Enigma, Camille also belongs to the Varsity Club. And when she has a minute to spare, she likes to take runs, play the piano and the ukulele, volunteer at retirement homes and “driv[e] people around”.

These activities demonstrate Camille’s dedication to bettering herself and to helping others, which are extremely important qualities for a community pillar to possess.

Over the summer, Camille Holzbauer attended an architecture summit, and it drove her to want to pursue a career in this field at either Drexel or PhilaU. Even when school let out, she still thought about expanding her mind. The classes were tough, but Camille challenged herself, and she believes that she is definitely challenging herself in this competition.

When asked what qualities the fair queen should have, Camille replied, “The fair queen is a leader… [and] someone who’s willing to accept a loss with the heart of a champion.” Even though she doubts how far she will get in the contest, Camille always keeps an open mind and a smile on her face. She wishes to congratulate all of her fellow contestants and cannot wait to see everyone at the fair on Wednesday night. It’s obvious that, no matter what happens on that fateful night, Camille will keep her positive attitude and continue bravely pushing herself out of her comfort zone.

--Lillian Murr, LS News Editor-in-Chief
Edited: AZ

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