Fair Queen Preview: Lianna Sauve

Lianna Sauve
Name: Lianna Sauve
Club: Varsity Club
Escort: Colin Anderson

Lianna Sauve has grown up in the Lampeter-Strasburg district and has gone to the fair every year since she was two. Her favorite fair memory was working the pizza stand with her friends at last year’s fair.

 She also enjoys watching the fair queen competition and sampling all the fair food. She likes to play the piano and sing in her spare time. She plans to attend college (hopefully, Liberty University) after high school. She’s looking to get a masters in counseling, continuing to help people grow and better themselves.

Lianna stepped up and accepted the nomination after she was just thrown into it. As President of Varsity Club, she took a leadership position and wants to best represent the club at the fair. She also has various leadership positions in her many other activities. She plays soccer for the school, is in Interact, Student Council, FCS, NHS, the musical, and participates in her church’s youth group.

Lianna Sauve also values family, friends, God and traditions, which is why she is so excited to take part in the contest. She thinks it will be tons of fun and that all the other candidates are amazing people, so she expects it to be a very close competition. 

She hopes to gain confidence in her public speaking abilities, but also to get more great memories for her senior year. The fair has been such a big part of her life that the opportunity to be a part of this tradition is something she will treasure for a long time. She wants to thank all her supporters and wishes all the other girls good luck!

--Kate Schultheis, LS News Staff Reporter
Edited: AZ

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