Mr. Pioneer preview: George Grau gets his turn to represent Ski and Snowboard Club

We all know that Chelsea Hancock brought home the Fair Queen crown for the Ski and Snowboard Club. But little did we know that Chelsea only signed up thanks to a nomination by none other than George Grau, the Mr. Pioneer representative for the Outdoor Club, partner club to Ski and Snowboard. Chelsea was hesitant, but thanks to Grau, she joined and then won. But of course, once Mr. Pioneer rolled around, it was payback time. “She texted me and she texted Jeff [Landis], and she said, ‘You’re doing Mr. Pioneer because I did the Fair Queen competition.’” Chelsea pushed him, telling him that all of his friends would be joining as well, and eventually, Grau agreed. “I said, ‘Alright, yeah, it should be fun.’”
George Grau will represent the Outdoor /
Ski & Snowboard Club in the Mr. Pioneer contest

Grau believes in the importance of going outside regularly and staying active. He wanted to support Outdoor Club in any way that he could, so he figured that Mr. Pioneer would be a great way to get the word out and garner interest in the club. The Outdoor Club meets to go white water rafting, hiking, camping, and even spending time on the beach. Of course, these trips cost money, so the club needs funds. He wants to donate some of his winnings “so the club can do more and get more members”.

And Grau is no stranger to winning. The school’s varsity football team made it to Districts, and the varsity basketball team made it all the way to States. He knows, however, that the success should not be attributed to him alone. “Football and basketball are team sports, and one person can’t do it alone… other people are counting on you. If you slack off, you’re letting down your team and your community.”

In addition to being involved with Outdoor Club and his sports, George Grau also is a member of National Honor Society and Interact.  He recently traveled to the Dominican Republic for a week to help out over there and gladly said that he “would have spent two weeks there” if he could have. He had gone on the trip before, so he knew what to expect, but he said, “The kids were phenomenal. The experience is priceless… The school system is not that great down there, and to be able to go down there and just make a difference in the kids’ lives is amazing.” Grau and his brother ran the sports camp, one of four stations designed to teach the children. The smile on his face definitely shows how rewarding the events were.

George Grau goes on trips like this because he never wants to be unproductive. He strictly follows the same routine, which mainly involves going to school, going to sports practice, and then going home to do homework. “It seems like a lot, but I enjoy doing a lot. I hate just sitting around… My friends describe me as the adventurous type. I always want to go out and do stuff.” And although he believes in helping others and keeping them motivated, he thinks that self-preservation should come first, saying, “If you’re healthy, you can make other people healthy.” That is why he always wants to go outside and search for a challenge; it keeps him healthy both physically and mentally.

As for the upcoming competition, Grau does not necessarily enjoy public speaking, but he still thinks that it will be a blast. He is excited to go out there with his friends and just have a good time. As for what sets him apart from the other contestants, he says, “I am a very motivated person. I want to get stuff done, and I’m involved… I’m not overwhelmed easily… Mr. Pioneer should be someone that is an all-around person, involved in the community, has good grades, and I think I have those characteristics.” Who knows? Maybe the Ski and Snowboard Club/Outdoor Club will find another winner in their midst.

--Lillian Murr, School News Editor

Edited: BP

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