Mr. Pioneer preview: Teddy Mazaheri, the altruistic comedian

Here at L-S, there are a plethora of clubs and activities available. Teddy Mazaheri has pretty much participated in every club the school offers, including Interact, Chess Club, and the spring musical, but he has dedicated the most time and effort to the Model United Nations. Now acting as vice president, he supports this club by debating as part of the General Assembly and helping to plan the club's upcoming Talent Wars. He believes that the skills learned in Model UN “would definitely help [later in life], like asserting yourself and getting involved… you get to expand  your knowledge of world subjects… It makes you realize how much you have to cooperate with others, and it ends your ethnocentricity.” Mr. Titter knew that Mazaheri would make a good representative for the club, so he asked him to enter the contest. Mazaheri “figured it would be fun,” so he decided to go for it.  

In addition to being involved with Model UN, Mazaheri has been involved with Philosophy Club and the Prom Committee.
Teddy Mazaheri will represent the Model UN in
Saturday's Mr. Pioneer contest

Mazaheri also exercises his leadership skills through lacrosse. He has played the sport since third grade, and until a few months ago, he planned on pursuing his lacrosse career in college. Now, he plans on studying biology at either Virginia or Arizona State, but he is “pretty sure [he’ll] change his major.” When asked what lacrosse has taught him, Mazaheri says, “You learn how to interact with people, and you make friends. You also develop leadership skills. Being a senior, I have to be a role model to the younger players… It’s been a big part of my life.”

Aside from Mazaheri’s dedication to school activities, he still finds time to have fun. He loves the art of comedy. “I like humor more than anything else, and it’s important to me. I’ve always looked up to comedians.” We can only hope to see Mazaheri add some humor to his performance on Saturday.

If Mazaheri wins, he plans on donating some of the prize money to the charity for which Talent Wars will support. He is not sure what to expect during the competition, but he just wants to go out there and enjoy himself.

Why should Teddy Mazaheri win the Mr. Pioneer contest? “I’m involved in the community, and I’ve been involved in a lot of school stuff. All of the contestants are cool, and I pretty much know them all. If I win, it would be because I’m personable, and I’m involved.” Needless to say, Mazaheri dedicates his time to plenty of extracurricular activities, and that might just be enough for him to pull the win for Model UN.

--Lillian Murr, School News Editor

Edited: BP

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