Girls Lacrosse defeats Wyomissing continuing winning streak

Despite the brisk wind blowing around the fields, the Lampeter-Strasburg girls’ lacrosse team defeated Wyomissing. The girls’ took the victory with a score of 14 to 9.
The main scorers, crucial to to team’s success, were Kelsey Kimmel, Hannah Keller, and Madi Lawhead.

Coach Maria Alexandrowicz, commenting on the team’s success, “Ladies, we just won our home opener. We just set the tone for the 2016 L-S lacrosse program.”

Joanna King
With this standard of winning the future games and giving 100 percent at every practice, the team has a lot of pressure riding on them to continue their winning streak. Top scorer, Joanna King commented, “In my four years of playing, I have never been more excited for a lacrosse season!” For many seniors, it is thrilling to be the players most looked up to.

For seniors their final season of lacrosse is bittersweet. While many of the seniors are continuing their lacrosse playing throughout college, many are not, thus making it a memorable season for all of them. The Lady Pioneers are optimistic about their upcoming matches and hope to continue their winning streak.

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--Joanna King, Girls Lacrosse Reporter; Photos by Lauren Mast, Director of Sports Photography; Video by Benjamin Pontz, Editor-In-Chief

Edited: BP

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