FFA banquet honors degree recipients

On Thursday, March 17, the Garden Spot chapter of the FFA held its annual banquet in the Martin Meylin Cafeteria to honor L-S student achievements over the past year.
A group photo of the Garden Spot FFA
A tradition of the FFA is to award degrees to its members for participation and accomplishments during the school year, and this year, 17 different students earned degrees:

Discovery Degree: Jarod Risser, Gwenn Spotts
Greenhand Degree: Leah Welk, Jordan Martin, Becca Herr, Jared Fenstermacher, Bryce Good, Luke Stauffer
Chapter Degree: Kyle Spotts, Erin Harnish, Megan Mellinger
Red Rose Degree: Sarah Hess, Connor Ranck
Keystone Degree: Jesse Diller, Mark Mellinger, Matt Harnish, Sarah Hess, Donovan Weaver

(For more information on degrees, please see page 28 of the FFA manual.)

Members gave speeches on events that had occurred throughout the year including the fruit sale, West Lampeter Fair, and the national convention. Two special guests were in attendance, Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding and State Chaplain of the FFA Jonathon Noss.

Before the evening came to an end, FFA co-advisor Mrs. Holly Oberholtzer and the officers took time to recognize co-advisor Mr. Steve Smith, who will retire at the end of the school year after 40 years of dedication to agriculture education.

Although banquets tend to note endings, for the FFA, there are still events to come.

--Sarah Hess, LSNews.org FFA Reporter

Edited: BP

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