Mr. Pioneer preview: Chaz Wolf the dog-pleasing engineer

During recent hallway travails, students may have noticed a sprinkling of inspirational quotes decorating the high school hallways. Although the natural assumption might be that these little sayings have been posted by the Aevidum club members, actually, every member of National Honor Society chipped in to produce thirty quotes … each. Interestingly enough, NHS is not just about succeeding academically. It is about maintaining a healthy mindset and supporting the community in any way possible, including the construction of these morale-boosting notes.
Chaz Wolf will represent National Honor Society in
the Mr. Pioneer competition

For Chaz Wolf, representing National Honor Society means “that I have to maintain a positive image at all times and always have to be improving myself.” Acting as treasurer for the club, he manages all monetary actions, “including a variety of responsibilities, from balancing the books to signing off on checks for purchases the club makes.” Chaz Wolf has been a member of NHS for both his junior and senior year. Chaz never worries about maintaining his GPA, though, because he always makes sure to remain diligent with his schoolwork and pay attention in his classes, which include full-year AP courses. Mrs. Swarr took notice of Chaz’s initiative and decided to nominate him for the Mr. Pioneer competition. At first, he was hesitant, but Wolf "accepted reluctantly after constant banter from various peers." (Editor's Note: No comment as to who those peers may be … :-)

In addition to being highly involved with National Honor Society, Chaz Wolf is also a prominent member of the Philosophy Club and the Heroes program. However, most of his school day is dedicated to his internship at RGS Associates, a civil engineering and landscape architecture firm.

“I work on anything from site layout and design to stormwater calculations,” explains Wolf. He will use this training to further his career as a civil engineer, which he plans to major in at Widener University next year. “I am excited to see what the future has in store for me, and I believe that my schooling and activities have well prepared me to achieve my goals.” He plans to continue his work at the firm full-time during the upcoming summer. Wolf values “hard work and [he believes] that through hard work anything can be achieved,” a mindset that might just put him ahead in the contest.

Now, it might seem like Wolf has no time for fun and games, but he somehow finds room for leisure as well. “I like to go swing dancing on the weekends and I enjoy spending time outdoors,” Wolf says. He also unwinds by playing video games, skateboarding, and inventing, the latter of the three coinciding with the career path Chaz has chosen. He even built his own computer a few years ago. This love for technology is reflected by his choice of role model, Elon Musk, “because he has made great strides in technology, even though there are many people who do not support his work with Tesla Motors and Space X.” It does not matter whether he is working hard at RGS Associates or relaxing at home. He still manages to exercise his love of a good STEM challenge.

As for the Mr. Pioneer pageant, Wolf plans on winning. “My life experiences make me unique in comparison to everyone else. This means I have faced and overcome both the same and different problems as others. These experiences have shaped me into a better problem solver and leader in everyday life.” He claims to have an upper hand based on these characteristics, and he certainly cannot be blamed for his self-confidence. He works hard, he cares about his school and its programs, and he has well-set goals for the future.
What is Chaz Wolf's ultimate goal in the contest?

“I’m looking to make my dog proud. I always strive to become the person my dog thinks I am.”

--Lillian Murr, School News Editor

Edited: BP

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