From the editor: What's new for LSNews?

A note ... from the editor


Thank you, as always, for your continued loyal readership of our school publication, I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the exciting, upcoming projects for the paper.

Managing editor Justin Burkett, is diligently working on our next Inside L-S series, which will focus on the influence of religion in the schools, a particularly apt topic given that Easter is right around the corner and today marked the annual student council egg hunt.

Lilly Murr, our school news editor, is hard at work interviewing each of the 10 candidates to be named Mr. Pioneer in the PTO's upcoming contest, which will be held April 2. Those features will begin very soon, and will resemble our fair queen series from the fall.

And finally, the District's annual Burrowes Scholar recognition banquet is approaching in May. Once those recipients are announced, Mackenzie Miller, a senior staff writer for and three-time recipient herself, will embark on a quest to profile each of the 11th grader winners.

As this year enters its final quarter, we are excited to charge full speed ahead into the remainder of the year's exciting activities to lay the publication on firm footing for years to come.

Thanks again for your continued support!


Benjamin Pontz

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