Sarah Rhineer's fair connection dates back five generations

Fair Queen Fast Facts

Name: Sarah Rhineer
Grade: 12th 
Club: Concert Band
Escort: Benjamin Eidemiller
Favorite Fair Food: Strawberry Milkshake
Favorite Fair Thing: Fair Queen

Even new residents of Lancaster County know just how important the Lampeter Fair is to the area. The three-day fair is not only an expo of Lancaster County’s farming culture, but an event built on socializing, tradition, and good times, and it’s been like that for decades. Families have been coming to the fair for generations for this sense of fun and community.
Sarah Rhineer is the Concert Band's nominee
in the Fair Queen contest

Sarah Rhineer, the L-S Concert Band’s Fair Queen Candidate, typifies that longevity: her family has been coming to the Fair for years and whose great-great-grandparents sat on the committee that started the fair.

And this is not her first literary connection to the fair. She can remember being interviewed by the newspaper when she was much younger for the Fair.

Coming into the small group of candidates for Fair Queen this year with a strong history with the Fair, she also comes with strong support from her own club. 

“The band kind of unanimously volunteered me,” she said, with just a hint of awe and appreciation for the honor they had paid her.

And she accepted the chance to be a Fair Queen nominee without hesitation. Her first reaction was to be “super excited,” followed by the thought of “what did I get myself into?” 

She doesn’t plan to let any qualms or apprehensions to get in her way. Asked about if she worries about anything as the Fair gets closer and closer, she replied “honestly no...I’m not really afraid of the public speaking.” 

Coupled with her enthusiasm for the Fair and her long-standing love of the Fair Queen contest itself, Sarah is going forward ready and willing.

Besides playing the clarinet in band “as long as I possibly could have,” since fourth grade, Sarah is also active in L-S’s Environmental Club, GSA, helps tutor in Spanish, and plays Lacrosse.

Editor's Note: This is the fifth of eleven feature articles will be publishing previewing the annual Fair Queen contest at the West Lampeter Fair, held from September 23-25 at the Fair Grounds. Stay tuned over the next several weeks; each Friday will be "Fair Queen Friday" -- we will publish the next feature. Here is our Fair Queen page, with all the information.

--Justin Burkett, Managing Editor

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