Sounds of the Season: When Should Christmas Music Begin?

Christmas is a magical holiday that many people look forward to all year. Trees, lights, gifts, holly, treats, and family traditions have always captured the hearts of many children and adults. One of the most nostalgic parts of the season is the beautiful music. The songs tell of love, joy, hope, light, celebration, bells, and dreams of snow. Let’s not forget the classic carols–some written a hundred years ago–that are still remembered and played today. These include, “Silent Night,” “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” “The Christmas Song,” and many more. 

Unique versions of these Christmas favorites come out every year, and new songs are always being released. It’s something everyone can agree is worth the wait, but the question remains: When should we start listening to Christmas music? The answer to this question is vastly different depending on who you ask in the halls of Lampeter-Strasburg High School. Let’s see what 95 of our fellow students have to say about this topic.

Ultimately, there isn’t one answer. The debate will go on and change, but the importance of the season remains the same. So, grab your hot cocoa, pajamas, and listen to the wonderful sounds of the season.

By Emma Jennings, LS News reporter

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