Lampeter-Strasburg High School Celebrates National FFA Week

Lampeter-Strasburg Agricultural Department and the Garden Spot FFA celebrated National FFA week from February 21-24, 2023. The Lampeter-Strasburg High School Garden Spot FFA decides to celebrate National FFA week to spread education and learn more about the FFA organization. They also love to celebrate their journey within the FFA.

The Garden Spott FFA student officer team and advisors planned the week with dress-up days and breakfast each morning. The breakfast was homemade by the officer team. Breakfast was available to all students that participated in the dress-up that day.

On Tuesday, February 21, it was Official Dress day, so FFA members wore their official FFA dress to school that day. The breakfast that was provided was some delicious cereal. The only breakfast of that week that was not homemade. There was a planned Garden Spot FFA Alumni trivia night, but it was unfortunately canceled due to low reservations.

Wednesday, February 22, was wear your FFA apparel day. Members wore their FFA apparel of choice to school that day. The breakfast that was made that morning by the officer team was pancakes and chocolate milk. On Wednesday afternoon after school, FFA members helped with an organized teacher ice cream social. What was the teacher ice cream social, you may ask? Well, it was where the Garden Spot FFA had ice cream and a whole bunch of toppings for the teachers all around the school. This was done to also celebrate Nation FFA week and to share that celebration with the teachers.

Thursday, February 23, was to wear yellow day or wear your Team Tobias Shirts. This event was done to spread awareness and honor former Garden Spot FFA member Tobias Leaman. Tobias, unfortunately, passed away from cancer. That morning was the chocolate milk handout where members handed out cups of chocolate to whatever students wanted it. The officers prepared a wonderful breakfast for the members as well. On Thursday night was Kolby’s Karaoke Night. Students could sign up to do karaoke with other chapters from different schools.

Finally, Friday, February 24, was wear a flannel day. Students came to school dressed in their colorful flannels. As always, breakfast was made by the Garden Spot FFA officer team. On Friday night, there was a planned snow tubing event at Iron Valley. The event was canceled due to the warmer weather, and roller skating at Overlook was chosen instead. Members and friends went and enjoyed roller skating to end a wonderful and exciting National FFA Week!

By Jack Ross, LS News reporter

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