Pioneers Roar Past Cedars in L-L League Quarterfinals

Call the fire department, because there’s a fire to put out.

If you haven’t been paying attention, the Pioneers are undefeated on the year while being undeniably the best shooting team in the league from beyond the arc. 


Ty Burton in Game vs Lebanon (Cam Reynolds)

The three-ball was on full display Monday night, as Ty Burton and company poured 11 3s on the defending league-champion Cedars, whom they defeated by a score of 73-53.

Pioneer star Ty Burton was simply unguardable, knocking down everything from open layups to contested three-pointers from well beyond the arc.

“I don’t need to shoot those (contested threes) in a close game. I feel like that dog comes out in me and makes me step up my game. You know, I’m feeling it,” added Burton following the game.

Up next for the Pioneers? Round three with Manheim Central, who pulled off an upset over Section 1 champ Manheim Township. The Pioneers won the first two matchups against the Barons by 23 points each. However, nobody in the Pioneer locker room is under the illusion that it will be easy the third time around. 

“They’re always tough to beat. Third time not excited about, but you know what it’s gonna be a good game,” commented L-S coach Ed Berryman.

If that’s not enough of L-S and Manheim Central for you, there’s a very strong possibility they’ll see each other again in the second round of the District III playoffs. But that’s for another day.

By Logan Moyer, LS News Editor-in-Chief

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