L-S Marching Band Season Coming to an End

The 2020 Marching band season has been a tough but successful one so far. With the new circumstances and problems faced with the ongoing pandemic, the Lampeter-Strasburg marching band has fought through the struggles and managed to put on a season and a great show.

The Marching Band started virtual rehearsals over zoom in June and from then on escalated to performing at L-S home football games and Thursday night rehearsal shows. Practicing and putting on shows this particular year required a lot of precautions. These precautions included always being 6 feet apart, wearing masks, and performing two shows at a time so everyone's parents could see it while meeting capacity requirements. 

Even with all of the requirements that needed to be met, the 10th grader trombone section leader, Laura Leaman, says she "thinks it was a really good season considering the circumstances. It definitely wasn't normal, but we found our ways to still have fun and do what we love!" The show put on this year by the band was a World War II era themed portrayal. Overall the band has performed amazing shows at home football games and can't wait to do it all again next year!

By Zara Paisley, LS News report

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