Cross Country League Meet: Both Teams Qualify for Districts

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the boys' and girls' cross country teams headed to Ephrata for the L-L League Meet. The meet yielded positive results both team-wise and individually for the Pioneers. 

Luke Smith, Luka Vranich, Nate Eberly, Colin Whitaker, Parker Stoner, David Pritchard, Adrian Elia, and Ben Devine (pictured left to right)

On Tuesday, the boys' team finished 5th overall, much improved from last year's 13th place result. Colin Whitaker was the top finisher for the Pioneers at 13th place and was also the first freshman to finish overall. Whitaker finished with a time of 17:15. Parker Stoner, Adrian Elia, Luka Vranich, and David Pritchard rounded out the team's top 5. Penn Manor's Graham Thomas won the meet with an impressive time of 16:07. Hempfield won the team title by an impressive margin of 15 points. 

Emma Drouillard, Aubrey Magagna, Morgan Wright, Selah Drouillard, Megan Stratton, Tori Smith, Molly Wissler, and Jaclyn Martin (pictured left to right)

The Girls' team ran Wednesday, and finished 10th overall as a team. They finished ahead of Manheim Central, who they were defeated by in the regular season. The top finisher for L-S was Jaclyn Martin, who was closely followed by Morgan Wright and Aubrey Magagna. Emma Drouillard and Tori Smith also scored for the Pioneers. Alyssa Fedorshak of the Ephrata Mountaineers won the individual title with a time of 19:29. Warwick edged out J.P. McCaskey by a single point to win the team title. 


(PM) Graham Thomas 16:07, (HEMP) Aidan Hodge 16:31, (JPM) Stephen Schousen 16:34, (MT) Tyler Stevens 16:347, (CC) Ryan Wolfe 16:41, (HEMP) Dale Winand 16:59, (HEMP) Evan Eshleman 17:01, (CC) Luke Hinegardner 17:01, (HEMP) Joseph Fahrney 17:06, (CC) Tommy Bildhesier 17:06


Colin Whitaker 17:15 (13th), Parker Stoner 17:36 (19th), Adrian Elia 17:50 (23rd), Luka Vranich 18:26 (46th), David Pritchard 18:40 (53th), Luke Smith 18:52 (64th), Nate Eberly 19:25 (80th)


(EPH) Alyssa Fedorshak 19:29, (WAR) Anna Martin 19:32, (MT) Ava Shirk 19:35, (CC) Gwyneth Young 19:49, (JPM) Arielle Breuninger 19:54, (WAR) Ella Hartel 19:59, (HEMP) Ella Wolfe 20:10, (JPM) Isabella Shertzer 20:10, (JPM) Milana Breuninger 20:15, (ETOWN) Madeline Quinn 20:19


Jaclyn Martin 22:12 (41st), Morgan Wright 22:13 (42nd), Aubrey Magagna 22:23 (44th), Emma Drouillard 24:03 (82nd), Tori Smith 24:14 (89th), Molly Wissler 24:24 (93rd), Megan Stratton 25:38 (106th)

The strong performances by both teams qualify them for the PIAA District 3 meet on Halloween morning at Big Spring High School. Once again, the meet will be closed off to spectators but will be live-streamed online. 

By Logan Moyer, LS News reporter

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