High School baseball tryouts now in full swing

Baseball tryouts are finally starting. It is a three-day process, and coaches will be evaluating us at our
primary position. We will take hitting, fielding, live baseball, and drills. After those three days, the coaches will have enough information to determine whether or not we will have made the team.

So far we are two days into the tryouts. They have been going great so far. The first day we went onto
the varsity and junior varsity fields. We were split up into teams of about nine or ten. one for every position on the field and scrimmaged against the opponent.

The second day it was a little wetter than the coaches would've liked so we did out hitting inside Martin Meylin. We still went outside for drills and defensive evaluations.

Coach Swarr has been hosting open gyms for a while and it seems like over that time he has been evaluating us there. I say this because the tryouts are very similar to the open gyms we have been
having. Today will be the last day of tryouts and I've received news that we will also be knowing if we made the team or not. This is a pretty stressful time for me because I really want to make the team.

Coach Warren has some alternative choices players could take if they didn't make the team. Such as
team manager, Videographer, and we could be apart of the HOME ONLY PROGRAM. In this program, we could attend every practice and every home game. There is even a chance we could get playing time although it was not guaranteed.

--By Benjamin Wilson, LS News reporter

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