Enigma Weekend Edition: Poetry by Natalie Zook

by Natalie Zook

A simpler time,
without the stress of
a time when
it was warm,
and the sun shone
brightly on the green grass,
and the soft sand
tickled my bare feet
a time when
crickets chirped under the blanket
of the summer night
and the brilliant moon
reflected off of the
ocean waves
I sit in my classroom prison,
waiting with anticipation
                for summer
to brighten my life
                once again.


Enigma is an art and literary magazine. Staff membership is open to any interested high school student. Each year’s staff is formed at the beginning of that school year. The Enigma staff is responsible for all aspects of production, from writing and artwork selection to layout and publication tasks. Members are also required to attend Coffeehouse readings. Items intended for publication may be submitted to the faculty adviser, Mrs. Carol Allen-Gordon.

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