Basketball falls to Etown, 62-65 at the buzzer

Coming into Monday's game against Elizabethtown, the Pioneers were coming off of a tough loss to Cedar Crest. This would be the first game of districts with Elizabethtown (17-7) hosting L-S (16-8).

At the start of the game, the Pioneers came out strong with a wide variety of shots made by Darren Landis, including several three-pointers. Elizabethtown stayed in the game with a wide variety of close shots in the paint. 

At the end of the first quarter, the Pioneers were leading 15-13. With a very similar second quarter that included a lot of back and forth action between the two teams. 

At the end of the second quarter the score with the Pioneers leading 28-25. 

Coming out of the half Elizabethtown was looking to take the lead. With many different lead changes, the Pioneers were still ahead going into the fourth quarter 44-41. 

The Pioneers started slowing down in the forth with a number of strong possessions by Elizabethtown, who took the lead late in the quarter.

After a dominant quarter in which Elizabethtown outscored the Pioneers 21-12, the game ended at the buzzer with the Pioneers falling 62-56.

By Luke Hines, LS News reporter
Photos by Logan Thompson, LS News photographer

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