Girls Basketball tops Donegal in 74-63 game and dominates versus Octarara

Winter sports have finally gotten into full swing and the games have only gotten more exciting.

On Monday, the girls' team traveled to Donegal in the rain to capture a 74 -63 win. They took the lead from the very beginning and never looked back. At the end of the first quarter, Jackie Martin hit buzzer-beater from just inside the half-court line. By half time, the Pioneers had a 45 - 29 lead.

But the game was not over, Donegal got some energy but the Pioneers held them and at the end of the third quarter it was 61-45.

The Indians kept fighting though and brought it to only an 11 point lead but could not get it any closer before time ran out. Emma Drouillard bucketed 34 points for the Pioneers. Which is a career-high for her and she was also named the big scorer of the night.

On Wednesday, the Pioneers faced the Octarara Braves. They took the lead and never looked back after the first few minutes. By the end of the first quarter, the Pioneers had a 23-4 lead and only extended even more by half time, 53-12. The game ended with an 85-25 win for the Pioneers and hopefully gave them some momentum as they head to ELCO on Friday.

--By Katie Ranck, LS News reporter

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