Enigma Weekend Edition: Ammon and Idra

Ammon and Idra
A short story written by Aliza Howe

"Your lungs are failing, Ammon. You require medical care."

"Yes, yes, I understand. You've told me this four times today, Idra." Ammon Crux waved a dismissive hand toward the offending computer screen, even though he knew that he could not keep it from talking. But that did not keep him from trying to shut it up.

A knock sounded at the door behind him, and he stiffened, straightening up in his chair, not turning away from the window or his desk. He closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath, clenching his jaw tight until it twitched. His heavy exhale dissolved quickly into a coughing fit, and he curled in over his desk again, covering his mouth with his arm as his body tried unsuccessfully to expel whatever muck it had decided to hold hostage.

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