9th-grade basketball gets a dominant victory over Donegal. Record now 2-0

The ninth-grade Pioneers earned a hard-fought victory over Donegal on December 16 at their first home game of the season. The Pioneers were led by Dean Herr with a total of fifteen points. Behind him was Benjamin Wert with thirteen points on the board for the Pioneers.

The game started with Lampeter-Strasburg winning the tip and putting 3 points on the board right away. There were many fouls in the first quarter and also a lot of turnovers as Donegal tried to find their footing at LS. The first quarter finished with LS up 17-7.

The next six minutes went quickly as L-S kept the pressure on for defense. The offense lacked a bit as they only scored a total of 4 points in the quarter. After a total of 12 fouls from both teams, L-S went into halftime feeling confident with a lead of 8, 21-13.

Donegal had possession to start the second half of the home opener. L-S locked down on defense by playing a lot of man to man. When it was all said and done, L-S finished the third quarter leading 38-20.

Going into the final six minutes the Pioneers had a comfortable lead and they continued to be great on defense only allowing Donegal to score 4 points in the final quarter. L-S got their second victory of the season at their first home game to advance to 2-0. The Pioneers defeated the Indians with a final score of 48-24.

As ninth-grader Benjamin Wert put it, "I think our team played hard today. We got a good win today, but we can improve on somethings." Ben was second on the team in points and was able to secure many rebounds to continue to the offense. Overall, the team fought hard on the court and as long as they continue to put work in, they will compete for the rest of the season.

--By Jason Long, LS News reporter

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