Band Recognition Night: Pocket Trumpet Player's Perspective

On Tuesday, November 19 Band Recognition Night was held. It was a super fun and emotional night that I will remember for a long time.

There were food and drinks, heartfelt speeches, funny photos, and amazing videos. We played a trivia Kahoot about the band staff and our show, and out of 157 players, I won!!

After Mr. Royer had always told us how it's always about the group and not the individual, each person was recognized for however many years they have participated in marching band, from first-year freshman, to a first-year senior!

One of my favorite moments of the night was a video put together by Mrs. Sanderson. It had interviews from seniors about what being part of the band means to them, and it followed the band at the E-Town football game.

Recognition Night made me miss being in Band already. It felt like I was saying goodbye to the seniors and the rest of the band, even if I'd be seeing them at school today.

By Madison Miller, LS News reporter

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