Study body celebrates a year of hard work with Clash of the Classes

Keystone prep. SATs. Finals looming in the distance. Spring sports coming to a close. Prom. Graduation. Walking through the hallways, you can almost feel ropes of stress strung taught between everyone you encounter. Needless to say, everyone could use a break.

Clash of the Classes granted everyone with just that.

On Friday afternoon, the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade classes at Lampeter-Strasburg High School went head-to-head in a series of fun-filled activities, ranging anywhere from a sidewalk chalk competition to street hockey. The class who earned the most points would relish in the prize to come:
Rita's Italian Ice

To start off the events, the entire student body gazed on in excitement as tug-of-war filled the gym with an infectious buzz. I'll give you one guess as to which class took the gold. Though there was an air of animalistic competition, you couldn't help but feel a sense of togetherness.

The freshmen class, in blue, watches on as the sophomore class, in red, pulls with all their might in the tug-of-war.

After several more activities took place in the gym, students were either free to participate in or spectate an event of their choosing, such as tye-dying, basketball, KanJam, volleyball, or pickleball, just to name a few.

In the end, the seniors won the day, but Clash of the Classes provided every student at LSHS with not only some means of fun, but also the perfect treat to hold them over until summer arrives.

When asked about the eventful afternoon, freshman and avid pickleball participant Ainsleigh Motta responded, "I absolutely loved Clash of Classes! It was such a fun way to spend a Friday and even miss out on some school. I got to spend time with my friends and it made me feel closer to them than ever."

As far as the snacks and refreshments went, sophomore Mariesha Johnson said as a blissful smile spread across her face, "The milkshakes were amazing."

This reporter couldn't have agreed more.

--By Sidney Brinkman, LS News reporter

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