Persevering through the pouring rain: Girls Lacrosse team does not give up

It was no easy game to play on Friday, April 12 for the Lampeter-Strasburg girls' lacrosse team. What started as a mere drizzle quickly turned into a pouring rain during their home game against Hempfield High School.
The L-S Girls' Varsity Lacrosse Team
The varsity team started off the evening with a slight drizzle infiltrating them for a majority of the game. And unfortunately for the varsity team, the rain got in the way of their victory as they fell to Hempfield that night.
The L-S Girls' JV Lacrosse Team
However, the story does not end there. Following the varsity game, that evening there was the JV game. The team came back with a vengeance. As more and more people began to exit the soggy stands, and as the rain began to fall harder and harder, the girls had to bring their A-game. 

Half-time of the game was even cut short due to the poor conditions! Kelly Hostetter who scored a goal for her team that evening said this of the game, "It was not an easy game. There were times when the turf was slippery and I couldn't see the ball. Despite all these things, it was still a lot of fun playing in the rain! Playing in the different conditions challenged our team, and we all had a blast."
Having fun worked for the JV team as they defeated Hempfield. 

Make sure you keep supporting the girls' lacrosse team as they finish out their season!

--By Lindsey Heacock, LS News reporter

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