Enigma Weekend Edition Poem: "The Sky Appears" by Crosby Renninger

"The Sky Appears"
By Crosby Renninger

The sky appears grey and hazy
as the snow begins to fall
large snowflakes all different in shape and size
fall silently to the ground
covering everything it touches
with a white blanket covering
it continues to fall and fall
and fall
it is silent and peaceful
as it makes it way to the ground
slowly piling up
as the hours pass on.
Finally the white covers everything
and it lights up the earth
bringing a bright shiny sparkling atmosphere
the world is silent
the snow muffles
muffles everything
all the extra noises in the world
they are gone.
The only noise heard
is the crunching of the snow under your boots
as you walk.
The snow stops the world for the day
making everything rest in peace

under the whitse blanket of snow. 


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