Enigma Weekend Edition Poem: "Everything and Nothing" by Connor Armstrong

"Everything and Nothing"
By Connor Armstrong

The vastness brings chills
upon those who enter
its frozen hand one to hold or
one to observe
The giant no one sees
the mountain few climb and
yet everyone lives upon
Its boulders our source of life
and yet our killers if we
touch them.
Some praise Atlas and some fear
Its endless sea of glitter
shines endlessly and yet not enough
We yearn to explore it, and yet can
only do so with rocks and sticks.
The sinkholes of the sea grow
larger every second, never
has its eyes gazed upon us, but
we upon them.
The serpent expands into
the unknown
Exploring what others never will
we must simplify her grandeur
in order to understand her
She is everywhere, and somehow
far from us.
Greatness cannot be forced,
but it is the greatest force
there is.
She is a whisper for us, but

a raging roar for the universe.


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