Empowering Future Nurses at High School with the Scrub Club

The Future Nurses Club (a.k.a. Scrub Club) is the perfect group for any student who would like to be involved with the medical field in the future. The club brings in speakers that hold discussions with students on informative topics pertaining to the medical field, enrich the members with statistics, and show medical devices that are used in multiple health departments.

The Future Nurses Club is not only for anybody wanting to pursue nursing, but the club also tries to expose participants to all areas in the medical field like physical therapy, pediatrics, and much more.

This month, Scrub Club is aiming to raise awareness on organ donation through spreading information to the staff and students of L-S. They will have booths set-up at sporting events where they will be selling T-Shirts and giving information out about organ donating. To learn more about organ donation and the processes involved, visit organdonor.org.

The club plans on improving through acquiring funding for a robot specifically made for CPR training. Organizers and members alike believe that the introduction of an interactive tool that tracks the users' speed and technique will aid the members with an accurate performance of CPR. "I think it's a good investment... it could save someone's life in the future," says Savannah Keenen a ninth grader in Scrub Club who fully supports the addition of the CPR robot.

Lancaster General Health is closely partnered with the club, so they are able to bring in resources and people that provide students with fundamental information and experiences. Some of the members are even inspired to take their learning farther and to enroll in practice residency programs at Lancaster General Health where they will shadow medical professionals so that they can learn and experience what happens at a hospital.

--By Alexis Kepley, LS News reporter

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