Boys Lacrosse lose in teeth grinding overtime

The Lampeter Strasburg Varsity Lacrosse team played Warwick on Saturday. The game turned into a nail biter, as the Pioneers were losing at the beginning 2-0.

The game remained tied for the rest of the game going 3-3, 4-4, and 5-5 until the end of the regulation time. 

The Pioneers persevered and brought the game to overtime, and held off the Warwick Warriors for quite a while. The whole game was back and forth, each team tying it up after the opponent scored. "They had us in the first half, not gonna lie," said Jack Filius, JV lacrosse player.

The overtime went on for what seemed like hours, and hours, but truly only lasted bout 10 minutes. Dominic Reed, the Pioneers Varsity goalie, had a total of 23 saves, and only let six shots in. 

The Pioneers ended up losing the game 5-6, but gave their best efforts to keep the game going. The JV game followed shortly after with a slightly less close of a game losing 6-0. Both teams ended up losing their games but won it in team spirit.

--By Owen Keeler, LS News reporter

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