In My Own Words: Indoor Guard heads to Penncrest for competition and second place finish

In My Own Words
In this installment of In My Own Words, Faith Keene recounts her first indoor color guard competition.

The day has come for our first competition, and we're performing "To Wish Upon a Shooting Star" show. 

The team arrives at the school early. We need to tape the underside of the mat before leaving. We do two quick runs through the show before leaving. Halfway through the first run Mr. Vineate, a helper from the marching band, gives us a pep talk. 

While our coach starts the van to warm it up, we started to fold the floor in what we call a "show fold." Getting the mat into the van was the hardest part, and the wind didn't help us at all. Soon we got the mat, cart, and the flag bags in the van. Finally, we are our way to Penncrest High School. During the 90 minute ride, the girls and I start Dutch braiding our hair. We attempt to do our makeup but the bumpy Pennsylvania roads don't help the process. 

Once we got to Penncrest, we unloaded the van and went to our classroom to finish getting ready. 

Soon it was time to perform. We dropped our equipment and unfolded the floor as fast as we can to beat the timer. Next, we set our show. Finally, it is time to start the show. As soon as we were finished we got the equipment out of the gym and started to fold the floor trying to beat the timer. 

Getting the mat into the van to return home proved equally difficult as the first time. It didn't help that in the excitement the mat got twisted. 

Soon it was time for the awards. When it got to our division we were praying we didn't get last place like we had last year.  Then the emcee announced that we had taken second place! Second. Place. We started screaming and clapping. 

We went down to the representatives where we collected our flower and candy grams. It was an exciting day to be a member of the indoor color guard!

--By Faith Keene, LS News reporter

In My Own Words is a first-person written series that highlights Lampeter-Strasburg High School students activities.

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