Garden Spot FFA attends ACES conference

Last weekend the Lampeter-Strasburg Garden Spot FFA chapter attended the ACES conference. ACES is an acronym for Agricultural Cooperation Establishes Success. During the conference, FFA members went through stations that taught important life skills.

These life skills include first impressions, science skills, Teach Ag, and Talk Ag. The first impression station we learned about first impressions and how someone can make an impression about you in 7 seconds. They taught us how to make sure that during those few seconds you make a good impression, by having an elevator speech. An elevator speech is a short speech that tells someone about yourself. 

At the next station, we learned about sciences related to agriculture. During this station, we talked about a packing material made from corn, which is more biodegradable than your regular packing materials. 

After that, we also went to the teach ag station. During this station, we were taught what college degrees we needed for jobs relating to agriculture. We also went to the talk ag station. While we were at this station, we were taught how we educate people when they ask questions about agriculture. 

They taught us this, by giving us agriculture questions that the public may ask us. After we were given the question, we were told to explain that agriculture scenario as if we were explaining it to someone in the public. After the conference, we ate dinner and went to a dance.

--By Owen Risser, LS News reporter

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