Enigma Weekend: Take a Risk and Take a Hike. Explore the Outside World Up Close.

"World of Moss"
By Emma Cliff

A lot of people's favorite pastime is hiking, but how much do they really notice. Sometimes we just need to slow down and take in the world of the small. This is a poem that I wrote about stopping and taking in the world of moss.

Think of the trees,
Towering above the ground,
We always look up,
At the interlocking branches.

We never take a moment to stop,
To look around,
Realize the beauty of the world.

Never given another,
Flourishes in its dark, damp
Corner of the world.

A snack for a passing reindeer,
A pillow for a sleepy fox,
A luxurious hotel for microscopic invertebrates.

Moss can take you on a journey,
Beyond the hiking trail,
It can take you to wild places,
Farther than you could ever dream.

Thousands of shapes and colors,
With vibrant tendrils,
Reaching to the sun.

Moss is its own little oprest,
An ecosystem all by its self,
Hiding fantastic creatures.

With trees of towering mushrooms,
And ants bustling around to their leaf tower offices.

Hidden in rocks and crevices,
Crawling up trees and cliffs.
A little green in the darkest of forests.

Lacy green towers,
Covering any surface they can reach,

Growing and swelling with each new rain.


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