After hard-fought first half, the Pioneers defeat Big Spring Bulldogs, 50-37

Monday's game started with the Lampeter-Strasburg Boys Basketball team taking an early eight-point lead of 8-0. Big Springs answered with their own eight-point run to first tie the game and then take the lead halfway through the second quarter 17-15.

Head coach Ed Berryman must have given a passionate halftime pep talk because the Pioneers started the third quarter with another 8-0 run and eventually completely overran the Bulldogs to win the District 3 Class 5A opener 50-37. Also helping the Pioneers win was their 10 3-pointers.

On Thursday at 7 pm, the Pioneers will host the seventh-place ranked Muhlenberg (16-8) in the quarterfinals.

 --By Jonathan Klein, LS News Editor-in-Chief

--By Jonathan Klein, LS News editor-in-chief

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