A Speedy and Successful Day for L-S Indoor Track

Last weekend on Saturday, January 26, the Lampeter-Strasburg Indoor Track participants had the opportunity to go to the Franklin & Marshall High School Invitational. It was a great way to practice skills and compete against many other students around Lancaster County and nearby states.

Over 1,000 high school students attended competing in throwing, jumping, sprinting, and distance. Twelve girls and fourteen boys competed for Lampeter-Strasburg High School ranging from freshman to senior class. Our own L-S Boys won the overall title for the entire meet for men's competitions.

Ezra Mellinger placed first in a total of three competitions: long jump, 60 meter dash, and 200 meter dash gaining a total of 30 points for the team.

Another great highlight from the day was girls pole vault. Kati Platt, a freshman, competed for the first time clearing 6'1".

"I was really nervous, but I'm proud that I cleared seeing as it's my first time ever pole vaulting." Kati expressed.

Overall, this meet was great for our team to practice and prepare for the outdoor track season. There was some tough competition! It was a wonderful experience and it was very beneficial to learn from. It was a really enjoyable time for the whole team!

--By Sabrina Phillips, LS News reporter

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